When compiling paired compositions, select plants with similar care requirements: temperature, watering and light. Otherwise, someone alone will be uncomfortable. 

1. Stephanie and the dollar tree

Stephanie and the dollar tree

Ampelous and upright flowers look good together. Stephania liana will perfectly cope with the role of a bindweed: you can decorate bookshelves, a wardrobe or hang it in a planter. And zamiokulkas - put next to a hill, for example, on a stool or footstool. Both exotics do not like strong waterlogging of the soil. Feel free to put in the winter to the battery , but on the condition that you will often spray. 

2. monstera and anthurium

monstera and anthurium

Great pair for a large and spacious room. Both flowers have beautiful elongated leaves . They love dim, diffused light and frequent spraying with warm water from a spray bottle. Do not overfill the soil. Monstera can be placed next to large-sized furniture - a wardrobe, a chest of drawers, a sofa. A small anthurium will look good on a coffee table or bookcase. The main thing is that the monstera does not block the light of a miniature neighbor.

3. Taro and monstera

Taro and monstera

Elephant ear will look good with Monkey Mask Monstera. Both are exotic with large and unusual leaves. Monstera can be placed on a hill, and a taro tier below.At the same time, the first plant loves diffused light, partial shade, the second - a brighter place.. It is necessary to water the flowers as the substrate dries out and spray the leaves with warm water. 

4. Begonia and scindapsus

Begonia and scindapsus

Houseplants with patterns on the leaves will make a good tandem and will stand out from other home flora. Begonia and scindapsus love diffused light, but you can’t put it in the shade at all - the spotted pattern will disappear. These flowers love high humidity, you can spray by hand or purchase a humidifier.