Their faces adorn the covers of magazines, they dictate the fashion for style, makeup and even lifestyle. But the secret here, of course, is not only in natural data. Plastic surgeon Otari Gogiberidze told us about the most “top-model” operations.

1. graceful spout

graceful spout

It is difficult to imagine a bright career in the modeling business without impeccable proportions. And although today the borders have become much wider and external data is striking in diversity, for many girls, the harmony of the face and its balance is the main point. Most often, it is the nose correction that becomes the very starting point of a career take-off. For example, the American model Kendall Jenner is recognized as one of the first beauties of the world, but in order to become her, she had to work hard on her appearance.

As a result of the excellent work of the surgeon, the broad bridge of the nose became much thinner and more elegant, and the back became narrower. A beautiful profile in the photo is now always with Hailey Bieber-Baldwin: rhinoplasty made it possible to make the tip of the nose aristocratic, and the proportions - symmetrical and almost flawless.  

2. fox eyes

fox eyes

It was with the light filing of Bella Hadid that the trend for a slanting look became incredibly popular. And for the model itself - the main highlight, which allowed to conquer the star Olympus.Experts talk about the many manipulations that Bella performed on her appearance, but it is the fox look that is her distinguishing feature. Slanted, sexy and languid eyes have become the dream of novice models, bloggers and millions of fans around the world.

3. open eyelids

open eyelids

The face looks much younger and more attractive in the photo if the eyes are wide open and the look is fresh and attractive. Another plus is the ability to do absolutely any makeup. All this becomes available due to the correction of the lower and upper eyelids. With the help of blepharoplasty, you can achieve amazing results: get rid of the overhang, change the shape of the eyelid, lift the corners, to make the look as open as possible. What Gigi Hadid did once, so that in a matter of days she would become one of the highest paid models in the world.

4. Perfect body and chest

Perfect body and chest

A slender body and the modeling business are inseparable concepts from each other. And no matter how the world and proportions change , the famous parameters 90-60-90 are still considered reference. Of course, all top models follow diets and practically live in gyms. But even harsh everyday life does not always help to achieve what you want.And with age, it becomes harder to follow hormonal surges.. The most popular body surgeries are liposuction, abdominoplasty, liposculpture, buttock reshaping and, of course, mammoplasty.

Heidi Klum became a mother more than once and resorted to liposuction and abdominoplasty to restore her beautiful shape and flat stomach. And Gisele Bundchen, having finished with breastfeeding, went to mammoplasty and got rid of the asymmetry.

5. chiseled cheekbones

chiseled cheekbones

The fashion for a thin face with pronounced cheekbones was introduced back in the 90s by Kate Moss. Her unusual appearance literally turned the modeling business upside down. Why do beautiful girls need this operation today? Experts believe that the camera will add weight to even a slender model, and make the features more rounded. If you remove Bish's lumps ,cheeks will sink, cheekbones will stand out, and the emphasis of the face will move to the lips and nose. It is precisely such a textured face that the Brazilian Alessandra Ambrosio can boast of today.