Do not waste your time and energy in vain - these people's advice is useless.

7 Popular Cleaning Hacks That Don't Actually Work

1. Lemon in the dishwasher to shine dishes

This hack works. But on the condition that in the dishwasher there will be not 1 lemon, but four kilograms. It is impossible to fulfill this requirement, so use a traditional dishwashing detergent instead. 

2. Cleaning the toilet with soda

Carbonated drinks contain phosphoric acid, which destroys tooth enamel. But this trick doesn't work with toilet deposits. It will take some time to take effect, and the soda is not a gel, so it quickly flows down. It is cheaper to use a conventional plumbing agent. 

3. Restoring the color of clothes with saline

This method only works with unstable organic dyes. But they are not used in the production of modern fabrics. Therefore, soak, do not soak in a salt solution, the original color is unlikely to be restored. 

4. Baking soda + vinegar - universal cleaner

Both of these products are used to clean stains, remove odors and disinfect. But the effect is noticeable when they are apart, not together. If you mix soda and vinegar , a chemical reaction will occur with the release of foam and a characteristic hiss. Alkali and acid neutralize each other, but, unfortunately, not dirt.

5. Auto wax for protection against grease on the stove

It is dangerous to use car cleaner near food. Wax is toxic and should only be used as directed. In addition, it is absolutely not intended for heating, so it will not save you from stains on the stove. 

6. Stain remover hairspray

Previously, varnishes contained alcohol, so the existence of this life hack was justified. Now other formulas that are gentle on hair are being used, so you won’t get the desired effect even if you use up the entire bottle. 

7. Starch against stains on clothes from the iron

Useless advice. No matter how much they tried the whole edition - it does not work. Don't waste time, better use a stain remover.