Let's talk about the causes of stiffness and share life hacks on how to properly wash bedding.

5 tips to make your bed sheets soft after washing

Reasons for stiffness

If underwear was bought from low-quality material, then the reason for the discomfort is understandable. 

In other cases, the appearance of stiffness may be influenced by:

  • boiling;
  • ironing without steam;
  • inappropriate washing program;
  • wrong detergent;
  • hard tap water. 

How to make it soft

The fabric is processed in a special way in production, protecting it from dirt, dust and mold. After several washes from a new set starch will be washed out, and the linen will become cozy and homely. 

Here are some tips to help keep you soft:

1. Rinse with conditioner

The most affordable way to make duvet covers, pillowcases and sheets fragrant and soft. Air conditioner can be bought at any household chemical store.. If there are children in the house, use special and hypoallergenic products.

2. Wash with tennis balls

Replace fabric softener with tennis or special laundry balls. Put a few in the drum along with the bedding. They help remove stains and relieve static electricity. Balls during washing and drying roll over the fabric, whipping it. 

3. Choose the right wash

All bedding items must be turned inside out. Choose a program with a temperature of 30 or 40 degrees. Do not use chlorine bleach, it is better to spot-treat stains immediately before washing. Do not dry clothes artificially. Smooth the dried fabric  with a steam iron or steam iron. 

4. Add vinegar during washing 

Vinegar is a universal way to give softness. It helps to wash out the remnants of the powder from the fibers, and also removes odors. Table vinegar 9% is added to the rinse section and the wash cycle is started. To obtain the desired effect, half a glass is enough. 

5. Use borax while washing

Sodium tetraborate is often used to soften hard tap water and enhance the effect of the powder. The tool is sold in any pharmacy. Just add half a cup of borax to the laundry compartment.