Gadgets have long occupied an important place in our daily lives. Even children almost from the cradle know how to use tablets and smartphones.

Now for many kids the phone becomes the best friend and favorite toy. How in such conditions not to lose touch with the child? What to do so that he does not become isolated in the Internet space and maintain communication with you? The answer is surprisingly simple: build trust.

5 Tips for When Your Child Prefers the Phone to Talking to You

1. Build a warm relationship with your child

You must become a mentor for him: only in this case the child will trust you and will happily complete the task. Remember that respect for you as a senior comrade is built over the years. It is important that the baby feels protected in you and understands that he can ask for support on the most important issues: health, safety and development.

2. We must remember that children are very sensitive people.

In addition to our wishes and advice, children also perceive the feelings and experiences that we express through speech, therefore, the more complimentary and clearer our request , the easier it is for them to fulfill it.

Positive emotions make it easier to cope with tasks that are a priori difficult for a child. If it seems to you that the baby is lazy, believe me, this is not so: overcoming yourself is also a difficult job. 

3. Do not splash out your irritation and negativity on the child.

Before you ask a child for something, you need to deal with your negative emotions, and only then make a request. It is very important to be in a calm state, otherwise the baby may think that he is to blame for something: children read emotions very clearly, projecting them onto themselves. 

4. Do not think that you will be understood the first time.

Children do not build causality, so they do not see the motivation to complete tasks. The child needs to be explained and conveyed the importance of certain processes, only then you can properly prepare him for real life before he fills a huge number of bumps on his own. Of course, it is impossible to foresee everything, but you must make sure.

5. Use the Praise Method

The child must have some intermediate point when performing tasks. It is imperative to give him rest and celebrate his successes, otherwise he will simply lose his motivation to work.

Important! Don't demand too much from your child.

It's more of an advice to yourself. We, adults, often do not notice how much we overestimate our expectations in relation to children: from an early age we begin to demand a large number of tasks that seem simple and understandable to us, but for a child this is not at all the case. Moreover, when there are many such tasks, the children's brain is lost, not knowing where to start and how to focus. This can cause stress.

We all understand that when a person is satisfied, he does everything better and faster. Therefore, as a parent and the closest person, just help your child become a little happier, and then he will prefer communication with you to any gadget.