Some problems are literally evident. What a specialist can learn about you as soon as you cross the threshold of the office - in this material.

5 most popular beauty problems that come to the beautician

Each person is faced with the manifestation of certain skin problems. Often they are a signal of processes occurring in the body or influencing factors. Even a short visual inspection can tell a lot about a person. Of course, all this is rather arbitrary, but, nevertheless, sometimes, the guesses are overwhelming.

Let's look through the eyes of an expert at the most common variants of visual problems, and at the same time we will select solutions.

1. Age spots, rosacea, skin texture disorders

The abuse of sunbathing, as they say, is evident! Vacation at sea? Love for sunburn, but forgotten at home cream with SPF? Now your beautician knows for sure.

How can I solve the problem

  • Photorejuvenation . Eliminates pigmentation , visible vessels, wrinkles, scars, inflammation and enlarged pores. Brightens skin tone and rejuvenates. Increases the tone and elasticity of the face. Accelerates skin regeneration.
  • Non-ablative fractional skin resurfacing. In terms of effect, resurfacing is close to the photorejuvenation procedure, but the impact is more serious and the rehabilitation period is longer. At the same time, the texture of the skin is well leveled, even in the presence of pronounced age-related changes. Possible local impact.

2. Oily sheen, enlarged pores, inflammation and post-acne marks

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of patients with acne among middle-aged women.Problems in the form of acne and excessive oily skin that appear outside the "teenage period" and hormonal disruptions, may be the result of improper care, hormonal changes or nutrition.

 Aggressive and overdrying products mislead the skin's defense mechanism, and it begins to produce even more fat. Oddly enough, the key to reducing fat is good hydration. Then the skin "feels" that it no longer needs to solve its problems on its own.

Hormonal disruptions, or rather an increase in the level of androgens (male hormones), can also cause acne.

 The use of a large amount of dairy products, spicy, fatty foods and sweets also strongly provokes the appearance of imperfections. There is even such a term as the "sugar face" syndrome.

But traces of post-acne or scars will tell the beautician that you are squeezing out inflammation, which is highly discouraged.

How can I solve the problem

  • Collagen stimulator injections. Increase skin tone and elasticity. Helps to get rid of deep scars, post-acne and wrinkles.
  • Injections of biorevitalizants . Helps moisturize and nourish the skin. Accelerate regeneration processes, production of collagen, elastin and own hyaluronic acid
The previously mentioned non-ablative fractional facial resurfacing will also be effective in combating post-acne marks.

3. Pronounced nasolabial folds, flares, hanging eyelid and floating oval of the face

Of course, our number one enemy is gravitational ptosis. However, people who have bad habits and do not devote enough time to caring and moisturizing their faces are especially susceptible to it.- This is a separate marker for a beautician.

How can I solve the problem

  • SMAS lifting. Provides multi-level rejuvenation, skin tightening, lifting of the middle third of the face. Reduces the appearance of nasolabial folds and double chin. It works not only with the skin and subcutaneous fat, but also with the so-called SMAS layer, which serves as a frame for the face and prevents age-related sagging of tissues.
  • Microneedle RF lifting. Increases density and restores uniformity to the skin. Restores its healthy color and tone. Eliminates the overhanging of the upper eyelid and reduces the longitudinal mimic wrinkles of the forehead.

4. Peeling skin, dry lips

Such signals will tell the beautician that your skin is severely dehydrated. Peeling can also appear due to medication, improper care, washing with too cold or, conversely, too hot water.

Peeling skin is not a trifle! It occurs by reducing the barrier function of the skin. This provokes premature aging and accelerated formation of wrinkles.

How can I solve the problem

  • Mesotherapy and biorevitalization. Restore skin elasticity and promote its rejuvenation. Deeply moisturize. Prevent deepening of wrinkles and loss of healthy skin color.
  • Microcurrents. Eliminate puffiness, normalize the work of the sebaceous glands and accelerate the processes of skin regeneration.

5. Mimic (hyperkinetic) or static wrinkles

Are you a very emotional person? The beautician figured it out from your mimic wrinkles. Their appearance and deepening is due to the bright facial expressions and muscle hypertonicity.

For example:

  • Crow's feet appear too soonif you have poor eyesight but don't wear glasses and squint.
  • Nasolabial folds and facial wrinkles around the mouth - you often smile and emotionally talk.
  • Eyebrow wrinkles - such a trace leaves sadness. They even say that "depression lives on the face."

How can I solve the problem

  • Botulinum toxin injections. They correct the lines of mimic wrinkles , prevent the appearance of deep skin creases, and reduce the activity of mimic muscles.
  • Filling with gels based on hyaluronic acid is used for formed static wrinkles (not smoothed out at rest).
  • RF-thermolifting. Stimulates skin scaffold proteins, accelerates collagen production, reduces the depth of skin crease.