Sometimes you want to add something new to your image without changing anything drastically. How to do it? For example, using unusual methods of hair coloring.

5 color options that grow beautifully

1. Crayons and sprays

This type of staining is often used for children. At the same time, adults often resort to it. Crayons are applied to the dried strand, and the hair is dyed in some bright neon color. There are even special sprays and crayons that allow hair to glow in ultraviolet light. This coloring is worn until the next hair wash, washed off with shampoo.

2. Color conditioners

Such staining can be done independently at home. Toakas a rule, such conditioners dye hair in darker shades. They do not contain hydrogen peroxide, the color is formed on the surface of the hair and is gradually and very gently washed off over time, leaving no sharp boundary between natural and dyed hair. Nevertheless, for hair, such coloring does not pass without a trace, especially if in the future you plan to resort to lightening your hair. It is important to warn about your experiments with staining with the help of color conditioners of the master. Despite the fact that there is no visible border, there is no hair regrowth, the effect on the hair is done. And these are not just crayons, which were discussed above, this is a relatively stable hair coloring in brighter dark shades. 

3. Direct pigments 

Direct pigments are used to color light hair. Such dyes do not contain hydrogen peroxide and do not spoil the hair. On bleached hair , direct pigments do not last a very long time - about two weeks (depending on the composition of the product), after which they are washed off without a trace. Direct pigments are suitable for those who want to experiment with color and add brightness to bleached hair. Such coloring can also be done independently at home. 

4. Semi-permanent dyes

For those who are used to using the services of a stylist-colorist, there are semi-permanent dyes. In this case, the colorist already creates the color. The advantage of semi-permanent dyes is that they are washed off really seamlessly, softly, without a sharp border at the root zone, they are able to retouch gray hair(make it less noticeable). Such dyes are not able to lighten, but they can darken or work tone on tone, giving a beautiful shade to natural hair. This is a professional procedure that is not done at home. The composition of semi-permanent dyes contains a small percentage of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia-free dye, which allows you to gently act on the hair and form the desired color. 

5. sexy foiling

This is the original method. One of the technologies that allows hair to grow back seamlessly and quite softly involves locally lightening the strands using a special wond tool. Vond is such a stick that randomly catches strands, which are then lightened in foil and give the softest possible transition during regrowth. At the same time, the number of light nuances with such coloring is small. This method allows you to lighten the natural color of the hair.