What shortcomings in home improvement can lead to conflicts - said the architect and designer Evgeny Koblov.

3 mistakes in the interior that can lead to discord in the family

1. Lack of personal space 

The area, the interior greatly affect the feelings and sensations of people living in the same space. Let's start from childhood. When a child appears in the family, it is desirable that by the age of 3-4 he has a personal space in which he is the master, and parents, brothers or sisters know and take this into account. This is not a whim, but a necessity for the formation of an independent, self-confident person. In this way, the child develops a sense of his own boundaries and security. If it is not possible to have a separate room, you can zone the space. While the child is small, conflicts may not arise, but as they grow older, the issue with a personal angle will become more and more acute, heating up the situation in the family.

2. Wrong layout

Very often there are conflicts due to a conflict of interests that have arisen against the backdrop of improper planning. For example, during the renovation, it was decided to combine the bathroom and toilet, which in the future can cause quarrels, especially if there are 3-4 people in the family: one needs to get ready for work, the other - to study, and the third - to take a shower. Or initially decided to combine the living room and kitchen. Firstly, cooking smells can be annoying, and secondly, the hostess wants to watch a series on TV while she cooks dinner, and her husband wants to play football. Conflict. The same applies to large apartments, where the issue, for example, several bathrooms, was not initially taken into account. The area allows, there are several family members, and only one toilet. Very uncomfortable. I advise you to think about such things before starting repairs and redevelopment.

3. Interests of other family members

Unwillingness to give up their interests can cause disagreements in the family. For example, we had a client who made a gym, a server room, a game room and an office in his apartment. But when establishing personal relationships, he failed. Women have always felt their uselessness, because the interests of men were in priority. Subsequently, the customer asked for a change in the existing design, where there was a place for a women's dressing room, a potential nursery . By the way, in the near future after that he started a family.