It's easy to get lost in the pursuit of social media trends. The fashion for graphic arrows or colored eyeliner literally “imposes” certain makeup techniques on us. However, they are not for everyone! We figured out what's what together with an expert

1. Glossy skin

Glossy skin

The trend for moist, radiant skin came to us from Asia several years ago and has gained great popularity. This season, it still does not lose its relevance. However, we strongly do not recommend using it for owners of oily skin. Shiny textures will emphasize shine in unwanted places, and such makeup will not last long.

2. colorless eyebrows

colorless eyebrows

This year, many fashionistas and influencers posted photos with bleached eyebrows on their social networks. However, this trend is not recommended for owners of dense thick hairs. Eyebrow mascara will not give the desired effect, and when discolored, the hairs can acquire an unpleasant “dirty” shade.

3. Graphic arrows

Graphic arrows

It is not the first season at many fashion shows that models have been demonstrating a trend for graphic arrows. No matter how chic they look, we strongly do not recommend them for owners of a strongly hanging or asymmetric eyelid.

4. colored eyeliner

colored eyeliner

Eyeliner of ultra bright shades is especially relevant now. However, do not forget about the color of your eyes. For example, if you are the owner of green eyes, it is not recommended to use green eyeliner, it is better to choose purple (give preference to the color of the eyeliner, the contrasting color of the eyes).

5. Makeup without makeup

Makeup without makeup

We 100% agree with the statement that you need to love yourself the way you are. However, if you are embarrassed by bruises under your eyes or an unexpected pimple, you should not deny yourself denser textures.

6. Red lips

Red lips

This trend never loses its relevance. However, the most important point is to choose the right shade. Warm tones can make your teeth look yellower.

7. Colored shadows in the inner corner of the eyes

Colored shadows in the inner corner of the eyes

Despite the popularity of this trend, as well as the simplicity of its implementation, it is also not suitable for everyone. The fact is that such a technique visually reduces the distance between the eyes. Therefore, it is better for owners of close-set eyes not to experiment like that. We offer them to focus on the outer corner of the eye.

8. face sculpting

face sculpting

Now it is difficult to imagine facial makeup without the use of sculpting tools. However, there are nuances when it is better to refuse it. For example, a hump on the nose or its slight curvature. Using a sculpting product in such a case will make this feature even more striking.

9. Monochrome make-up in warm shades

Monochrome make-up in warm shades

Monochrome makeup not only looks natural, but also requires a minimum of cosmetic products to perform. However, for lifting makeup, this trend is not suitable. For women of noble age, we recommend using cold shades in makeup, they make the skin color more fresh and toned.

10. Emphasis on the lower eyelid

Emphasis on the lower eyelid

If you have pronounced bags under your eyes, then this type of makeup is best avoided. Since you are even more focused on this area.