No need to torture chamomile! Certified emotologist LEO told about the sure signs that he definitely cares about you.

What a man feels for me: 9 ways to understand it for sure

How to understand a man: a female look at superheroes

Guys for us are creatures like from another planet. They are completely different from us: charismatic, alluring, brave and strong, those who are ready to take responsibility for the whole world. That is also why they look so attractive in our eyes. We so want to decipher these silent superheroes.

Why silent? Because from a very early age they were taught to hide everything that is inside. Most of them have been taught that displays of affection are exclusively a girl's story. Having matured, a young man may encounter problems in communication: he seems to like a girl, but he cannot tell her about his feelings. And girls have to look again and again for answers to the question "How to understand a man's attitude towards himself."

The first and most important thing to do in order to understand a guy and step towards him is to learn to listen to him. Become the one to whom he can entrust the secret, with whom he will be comfortable talking about everything. Then the big and strong macho will weaken the defense and begin to open up to you. This will be the first brick laid in the foundation of your relationship.

The second thing to remember if you want to understand a man and win him over is to restore inner harmony. When you yourself are in the balance of energies, do not aggress outside and do not turn on auto- aggression , only in this case you will be able to balance the male bestial fervor.

A woman who is at peace with herself will never argue with guys or other women. She can easily understand everyone, including her potential partner. From a state of inner harmony, she will share her energy with him and ignite him from the inside, motivate him to act. As they say, first you understand yourself, and then you learn to build relationships with anyone.

How to understand the feelings of a man? To begin with, to understand oneself, to set internal priorities, personal boundaries, and from this state to communicate with the world and with the opposite sex as well. No wonder it is believed that a woman is about a state: thanks to her beauty, energy, the way she glows from the inside, a woman becomes a beacon for a guy. He flies into the light, the energy at his core is able to engender real feelings in him, which can then develop into something more.

Physiology or mind: what determines a man's sympathy

An irrefutable fact: at the time of the first meeting, 15 seconds are enough for us to understand whether we want this person or not, how physically pleasant he is for us. Based on this, we build subsequent communication. If we experience rejection, then we keep our distance and communicate neutrally, or weed out each other into the friend zone.

If we feel sexual interest, then communication can continue according to a different scenario. So we can safely say: physiology is paramount. Only then the brain will decide whether this person is “ours” or “not ours”. Sometimes this does not happen at all, because we fall in love with the appearance, with the manifestation of the guy in relation to us, so much that we generally lose the ability to  think critically .

You can’t go against nature, and for men everything is tied just to it: libido dictates to them with whom to continue communication. It was because of the sexual background that empires collapsed and the greatest works of art were created, families were born and terrible love tragedies occurred. Everything is based on sexual contexts.

After the first impulses, the guys have a desire to explain to themselves what he feels. At this moment, the games of the male mind begin: to succumb to the temptation and trust in physiology, or to drown out the rudiments of feelings in oneself.

What is a girl to do? There are two options: wait or take the first step yourself. But it's not so easy, because we girls are also afraid of being rejected. Therefore, it is so important to learn how to decipher even the hidden signs that a man is not indifferent to you.

9 ways to find out a man's feelings for me

1. Pay attention to how he looks at you.

Surely you had such that in a friendly company someone joked, and everyone started laughing. At this moment, be sure to raise your eyes and watch which of the guys is looking at you. Most likely he likes you. He intuitively searches for you with his eyes to gauge your reaction to the joke.

2. Look into his eyes

Only with great interest in a woman will a man look her in the eyes. And if at the same time he also blushes, then there is no doubt: he likes you.

3. Notice tactile contacts

Watch how often a man touches you during a conversation. Maybe he touches your arm or hair, shakes invisible dust particles from your shoulder, tries to casually run his finger over your skin. Such tactile manifestations indicate that you are pleasant to him, and he is looking for rapprochement.

4. Don't overlook his jokes

If a man tries to joke more with you, wants to make you laugh, fools around, then don’t go to a fortuneteller: you are clearly interested in him.

5. Count how much time you spend together

When a man feels something for a woman, he immediately has a bunch of plans in his head how to make her spend more time with him. Thus, he seeks to get to know her better and  fall in love with him . Therefore, if a man regularly invites you to spend time together and tries to stay with you longer, delaying the breakup, then you really arouse genuine interest in him.

6. Watch how he touches his hair

If a man likes a girl, he, of course, starts to get nervous. Outwardly, this is manifested in frequent touches to your hair. He can also fiddle with the collar of a shirt or sweater, straighten clothes. All this just because he wants to look more presentable in your eyes.

7. Learn gestures

Non-verbalics will say more than even the most grandiloquent confessions. From the point of view of psychology, a man in love tries to spread his legs wide while sitting or standing: in this way he demonstrates his stability to a woman and that he can be trusted.

He can put his hands in his pockets, while the thumbs will be on the belt. Or another option: the palms are on the sides, while the elbows are spread wide enough. Well, why not the pose of Superman without fear and reproach ?!

8. Pay attention to actions

A man in love is always about initiative. Even the most modest representative of the stronger sex will subconsciously make it clear that he feels sympathy for this or that lady. He will call her, be interested in her hobbies, try to make her life as aesthetic, comfortable and happy as possible. Those that are bolder will certainly begin to conquer the girl and break through any barricades to the object of love.

The main thing is that the initiative does not turn into a manic pursuit, when a man torments you with calls, tries to be 100% present in your life, includes jealousy and total control. This is no longer about healthy relationships, but about abusive terror, which, perhaps, awaits you in the future. Think ten times, do you need it?!

9. Watch what he remembers about you

A man who feels sympathy for a girl pays attention to various little things and everything that is important to us. So he tries to remember what kind of coffee you like, or the perfume that you adore. He will definitely remember your birthday, or, in extreme cases, mark it in the diary of his smartphone to congratulate.

Of course, everyone loves in their own way and shows their feelings also individually. Therefore, there are no universal ways to understand a man. The only thing that will never lie to you is your heart. Listen to him and continue to watch the man: then you will definitely be able to understand how much he is disposed towards you.