A good towel should absorb moisture well and be pleasant to the touch. But the quality depends not only on the material. More about this - we will tell in the article.

Terry friend: 3 tips to help you choose a good towel

Before buying a towel, you need to determine the purpose:

 1. Bath

The more fibers, the better the absorbency of the product. Density is indicated on the label. Average: 350-750gsm m., but for the bath optimal - above 500 g / sq. m. If the towel is less dense, then it will not absorb liquid well, but it will dry faster. Absorption is also affected by the length of the pile; for bath procedures, choose at least 5 mm. Too long is also bad, it wears out faster. The best material is natural cotton. But the quality of cotton is also low. This is evidenced by hard and crumpled villi. 

2. Beach

Pay attention to such a factor as size: the larger, the more comfortable it is to lie on the beach .If you sunbathe on a sun lounger, there is a long enough, but not very wide copy. Beach towels should not be with a long nap - so the sand will not clog. Some people buy waffle ones - they do not hold grains of sand and dry quickly, but they are not very pleasant to the touch. 

3. kitchen

In the kitchen, towels are needed to wipe dishes and hands. There are several types, each with its own pros and cons: 

  • Terry - suitable for hands, but leaves lint on dishes. Doesn't remove stains well. 
  • Waffle - universal, absorbs liquid, dries quickly. Suitable for hands, kitchen utensils and as an oven mitt. 
  • Linen - wear-resistant, does not leave lint on the glass. Of the minuses: it is difficult to iron, it is not recommended to wash at high temperatures (it shrinks). 

Rules for the care of any towels

  • Change products regularly : for the face - daily, in the kitchen - every 3 days, bath - once a week. 
  • Properly sushi - best of all on the dryer in a straightened form so that there are no creases. 
  • Do not store with other dirty laundry , send directly to the washing machine. The towel can absorb odor and dirt from other items. 
  • Carefully read the care instructions on the label and do not forget to follow them. 
  • Throw away without pity - it is recommended to change the kitchen three times a year, and the bath - once a year.