How to achieve brilliant results in cleaning - we tell in the article.

How to return the bathroom to impeccable cleanliness: 8 proven ways

1. Tile

If there are problems with ventilation in the room, traces of black mold may appear from humidity . We do not recommend starting this process, the fungus will quickly capture new areas.Acetic solution will help restore the tile to its former beauty (100 ml of 9% vinegar per 1 liter of water). A toothbrush dipped in the product does a good job of removing dirt from the seams. 

2. Ceiling

The ceiling is not easy to wash, you have to work hard in several stages. Vacuum the dust and cobwebs first, then soak the mop head in the vinegar solution and go over the entire surface. This tool removes traces of mold and dirt. Wear protective goggles to prevent cleaner from getting into your eyes. 

3. Shower

Tap water forms limescale on the watering can and blocks the normal flow. Pour table vinegar into a plastic bag and place the nozzle there, tie the ends tightly. Come back in two hours, wash off the rest of the product and forget about this problem. 

4. Mirror

If you don’t have glass cleaner on hand, a folk life hack with hydrogen peroxide and soda will help. Prepare the product, moisten the sponge and walk on the mirror surface. Then wipe with a small amount of shaving foam - this will protect against fogging and the formation of new streaks.

5. Bath

Do not use aggressive or abrasive substances to maintain cleanliness. They can leave scratches and damage the enamel. How to be? Prepare a solution: in 4 liters of water, dilute ½ cup of vinegar, a glass of alcohol, ¼ cup of baking soda . Apply to the inner surface, rub with a brush or sponge and rinse with cold water. Brilliant result!

6. Cranes

Salt solution will help get rid of traces of rust on the mixer. 1 glass per liter of water is enough. Moisten the problem areas with a sponge, leave for 15-20 minutes - and voila, the taps shine clean again. 

7. Toilet 

Rust, hard water deposits and other unpleasant substances accumulate on the surface of the “white friend”.You can reanimate with a product based on lemon juice and baking soda.. Mix the ingredients in equal proportions with water, apply the resulting slurry to problem areas. Come back after 20 minutes, wash off the remaining dirt with a brush and water. 

8. blind

Bacteria, mold and limescale accumulate on the curtain . This "good" is not washed in a washing machine, so you need to act tough. Mix 500 ml of chlorine bleach with 2 teaspoons of dishwashing detergent. Lather and cover the entire surface of the curtain. After 10 minutes, rub with a sponge, wash off the remaining dirt. Be sure to use gloves to protect your skin!