What to do if the roots have already grown a little, and a visit to the master is not soon? We analyze the simplest ways to hide regrown roots with a stylist.

How to hide regrown roots: a convenient guide that you have long dreamed of

Let's start with the fact that regrown roots are a real trend of recent years, and you can safely walk with them if you like the way it looks. But, if you feel insecure and want to make your hair perfect, try using the following hacks.

Toning spray

Camouflage spray is the most effective and convenient way to quickly hide regrown roots and quickly clean up. Choose a spray, focusing on your natural hair color, because that's what we have to paint over. In order for the spray to make the roots really invisible, you need to understand the level of depth of hair tone - find out this information from your stylist at your next visit. As a last resort, just look at the packaging and visually select the right one. Spray from a distance of 15 cm, parting the hair, and wait a few minutes, then style as usual.

Dry shampoo

Another one-stop product for when you need to look neater here and now. Regular dry shampoo helps lighten dark roots slightly. There are also tinted options for brunettes, which will help out with light roots. The spray bottle is very convenient to use, as it is applied faster than a spray, there is no risk of staining skin or clothing. The product is not for everyone, but if you like it, then feel free to use it in styling!


If you have an important exit, and the roots have treacherously grown, your choice is curls! They can hide any nuance on the hair, and the hairstyle will sparkle with new colors.

Another option, especially with dark roots and light length, is smooth styling (combed back), which makes the roots almost invisible from the front. The viscous texture of the styling gel makes blonde hair darker, visually smoothing the transition between tones. Take a closer look at the various accessories: headbands and scarves will help to make the overgrown roots less noticeable or completely hide!

"Long-lasting" coloring

Modern color techniques do not oblige their owners to visit the salon every two weeks. Another way to keep your hair color fresh for as long as possible is to choose a color that grows invisibly and does not require frequent correction of the roots.

Ammonia-free dye

If you paint over gray hair, opt for an ammonia-free dye. Ammonia - paints over gray hair by 100%, therefore, when growing back, a clear border of the roots is visible - stylists call this the “helmet effect”.Ammonia-free dye mattes gray hair - that is, makes it less noticeable, but it still glares, so when it grows back, a smoother and more natural transition is obtained.

Contrasting staining

The main principle: if you want the roots to look neat for a long time, there should be less light strands than natural ones.

  • babylights. Thin strands are lightened only on the top layer of hair and very carefully, avoiding damage. It looks the most natural and gives the effect of sun-bleached hair.
  • Shatush . Soft transition from natural roots to light ends. The stylist divides the hair into strands, combs each and dyes the part of the hair that remains in the hand.The dye is applied unevenly, creating a volumetric effect with overflows.Unlike classic highlighting, it does not require frequent correction, since the strands are not clarified from the very roots.
  • airtouch. The effect is almost the same as shatush, but gives a smoother gradient. The main difference is only in the execution technique: the stylist does not comb the strands, but blows cool air from a hair dryer to separate part of the hair. A great option for those who plan to refresh the image, but are not ready for radical changes and do not want to lighten the whole mass of hair.