All cleaning and maintenance products can become dangerous or ineffective because over time the composition changes when exposed to air.

How long can household chemicals be stored (before they become dangerous)

1. Hydrogen peroxide 

The tool is often used when removing stains at home. Store hydrogen peroxide (3%)need in a cool and dark placeabout six months. After that, the product loses its effectiveness, it is better to buy it in small bottles. 

2. Dishwashing gel

The average shelf life is 12-18 months. Even when closed, the product loses its qualities after a year. The gel will become less concentrated and waterier as the cleansing formula breaks down. 

3. Dishwasher capsules

It is believed that the tablets do not have an expiration date. In fact, the product should be stored for no more than 15 months. After this period dangerous for people with allergies or asthma- small particles can enter the respiratory tract even through sealed packaging and cause unpleasant symptoms. 

4. washing powder

After opening the package , the washing powder begins to deteriorate after six months, in a closed package - up to a year. When the washing powder expires, it is poorly washed out of the fibers of the fabric, it can cause a rash on sensitive skin. 

5. Fabric softener

In closed packaging, it retains softening properties for up to three years. After opening , the air conditioner loses its useful qualities within a year. For greater effectiveness, shake the liquid each time before use. 

6. Window cleaner

The safe period of use is 24 months. But only under the conditions indicated on the package. In case of improper storage ammonia, which is part of the composition, causes headaches and irritation of the mucous membranes. 

7. Bleach

The bleaching agent will be suitable for a year. After six months, the breakdown of chemicals begins, it becomes less effective, but toxicity does not increase. The ideal storage temperature is +21 degrees. 

8. Baking soda

In an open package , soda is suitable for use for about 6-8 months. The quality of this remedy can be tested with lemon juice or vinegar.. Good enters into a chemical reaction and foams.