Dogs have cemented the title of "man's best friend", and cats usually "walk on their own". But these breeds have proven that they are tied not to the house, but to the owner.

Heart of a Dog: 7 Cat Breeds That Are Loyal

How does a cat show love to a person?

If your mustache behaves in a similar way, then there is no doubt about sympathy:

  • quickly responds to the calls of the owner;
  • willingly accepts affection and calls for games;
  • gives "presents" (for example, brings prey in the form of a killed mouse);
  • takes relaxed poses, opens the stomach;
  • meets after a long absence. 

Devoted Breeds

1. Maine Coon

Maine Coon

Maine Coon big cats are docile and rarely show aggression. They love to communicate with a person, lie next to them on the couch or at their feet. Among the family members they choose the owner, but they do not pester with their attention, they know how to read the mood, they do not allow familiarity. Respect for personal space.

2. Oriental


Smart cats who are madly in love with humans. Hoften require increased attention, can be intrusive, get bored alone. They tend to mimic human behavior and are therefore easy to train and litter. 

3. Sphinx


"Naked" Sphynx cats can be a great friend. They strive to be close to a person, they like to lie on their shoulders and knees. Such a sticky mood is explained not only by attachment, but also by poor thermoregulation. Even a short separation from the owner is hard to endure.

4. Siberian


Siberians love to be leaders and often dominate other animals. But they always show concern for their "two-legged" family.. If a real threat arises, they will defend themselves without much thought.

5. Norwegian Forest

Norwegian Forest

Even if these mustaches are on their own, they always come home for a portion of delicious food and affection. They seem aloof, but strongly attached to people. They choose their owner and try to spend the most time with him.

6. Munchkin


Funny and cute short-legged cats are very different from each other in character and behavior patterns. But there is one important feature of Munchkins - they all adore human society and are seriously attached to it. 

7. Bengal


Responsive and loyal, Bengal cats easily find a common language with people and other pets.They have a positive attitude towards affection, but only with a long absence.Not suitable for families with small children - the noise is very unnerving for Bengals.