These habits will help you build harmonious and happy relationships.

Habits of a smart woman that allow her to keep a man

To begin with, the more you literally keep a man near you (or yourself near him), the less likely you are that he will want to stay close for a long time. The main mistake of women is not to leave a man for a single step. and don't let him breathe freely. But some very simple habits will help make it so that it is yours forever.

1. Look after yourself

If a man is already yours, this does not mean that you can relax, because he allegedly will not go anywhere. He may not leave, but he is always pleased to have a woman nearby who cares about her appearance. Most men want to see a woman the way she was at the very beginning of the relationship. But even if you change for some reason, he will still love you - and still approach changes competently, learn to emphasize new features of appearance correctly.

But telling a man how difficult it is for you to take care of yourself is not worth it. He is not interested and, in general, is not so important. The result is more important.

2. support his interests

No one says that you should fall in love with football or boxing, but you certainly should not condemn it. And if he wants to watch the match at home, let him do it calmly Find something to do during this time. And you can also cook him a delicious snack for the evening - he will definitely appreciate it in the best way.

3. Trust him

Trust is very important. You don’t need to be jealous in panic (and demonstrate it to him in every possible way), all the more you don’t need to control him, call him a hundred times a day. If he wants to relax with friends, but without you, there is no need to come up with something bad. Everyone in a couple should have their own space. You need it too. He went to friends, which means that this is a great opportunity to meet friends, go shopping, go to a beauty salon, or do your hobby. A woman who knows how to spend time without a man , does not get hung up on him, automatically becomes 2 times more interesting and attractive.

4. Get rid of claims

None of you owe anyone anything. Yes, there are some responsibilities in a relationship, but all this is discussed. Calmly. Unpretentious. Periodically whining, nagging that you expected one thing from him, but received another, is impossible. No man can stand this. Would you survive on your own?

5. Be able to admit your mistakes

Stubbornness can be a good trait. But sometimes women like to go too far and stand their ground in disputes, even if they already understand that they are not very right. Stop, admit that you were wrong in the quarrel . Tell me what you wanted differently. He will definitely appreciate the sincerity and at the same time your self-confidence (because only confident people can calmly admit their mistakes).

6. Sometimes take the first step

“Women don’t call first,” “Women don’t call first,” “Women shouldn’t be too active” are all outdated stereotypes. Yes, men are hunters. But sometimes they really like it when you take the initiative in your own hands. Try it - you'll see how pleased he will be.