Many people think that dusters are outdated and do not work because after a while the dirt particles return to their original place. But it is not. We tell you how the pipidastr can be useful.

Good old pipidastr: how it can help clean the house at the end of 2022

Pipidastres are made from feathers, polypropylene or microfiber. Dust is attracted due to static electricity created by the whisk fibers. In contact with different objects, the charge is neutralized, and the dust particles are held on the villi. 

You can use panicles in any part of the house where dust accumulates. It is especially convenient to clean figurines, smooth, uneven and rough surfaces. Ordinary rags will either fail or leave streaks. And most importantly, you do not need to move or carry anything. The whisk will remove dust from all decorative surfaces, easily penetrating between objects. And it saves a lot of time. 


  • Made of microfiber with a telescopic handle - useful for dusting high furniture, cornices, blinds . As a rule, such a duster has a flexible tip that gets to all hard-to-reach places.
  • Made from ostrich feathers - ideal for fragile items that do not want to be moved. Just do not buy dusters with chicken and other feathers, they will not help with cleaning. Ostrich are long, fluffy with many villi that can collect and hold even microscopic particles of dust inside. They are suitable for delicate work - for example, for cleaning houseplants . 
  • The classic pipidastr is a polypropylene whisk for dusting. This synthetic material instantly attracts dirt particles, suitable for any objects and surfaces. 
Panicles need to be cleaned periodically. Microfiber nozzles can be washed in a typewriter, soapy water is suitable for feathers, and it is better to shake out a polypropylene duster in the fresh air or on a balcony.