We pay a lot of attention to the eyes, choosing care products or thinking over the perfect make-up. It is all the more important to go over the list of problems that we have compiled with an expert so that your “mirror of the soul” always looks perfect.

From swelling to bad makeup: what can distract from the beauty of your eyes

1. Bags (swelling)

Puffiness is noticeable to the naked eye and in the morning the face resembles the everyday life of a failed beekeeper? Our skin around the eyes, in principle, has the ability to quickly gain and release water. Edema increases after a stormy evening (alcohol intoxication or time spent in a smoky room) and also for hereditary reasons. With a “tired” type of aging, bags under the eyes form from an early age.

Your task is to “cheer up” the circulatory and lymphatic systems by any means. To do this, you will need topical beauty helpers with caffeine, green tea, rutin and other components that enhance microcirculation.

The general advice for all products you use for skin care in the eye area is to store them in the refrigerator (if this does not contradict the information indicated on the package). So their action is enhanced several times, because the cold stimulates the microcirculation of blood and lymph. In addition, in the morning it is better to use rollers, their ceramic or metal tip cools quickly and massages the lower eyelid well. Attention, you can’t just apply ice from the freezer - it’s easy to chill the facial nerve.

Puffiness of the face increases the hypertonicity of the muscles of the neck and back. The one that arises from the "office" lifestyle. Massage of the neck and shoulder girdle will also benefit the beauty of your eyes.

2. dark circles

There is little subcutaneous fat in the eye area, with age it becomes thinner, due to which the network of vessels literally shines through the skin, giving a dark or blue tint.

With age, literally one sleepless night is enough for dark circles to appear under the eyes. Where to start the fight? Restore normal schedule.

Then get creams, gels and patches. It is worth giving preference to light textures: gels, cream-gels, lamellar emulsions. When fighting dark circles under the eyes, you can try kombucha - a product of the fermentation of black tea or sarsapogenin.

If the cause is pigmentation, then cosmetics with licorice, vitamin C, niacinamide, and in rare cases retinol and its analogues (bakuchiol) are relevant. Attention! Uncontrolled use of retinol can lead to a violation of the protective hydrolipid mantle of the skin. So before the course, be sure to consult with your beautician.

Sometimes radiant powder is added to eye creams to visually mask the problem. In addition, do not forget about competent disguise. Remember that purple is well "extinguished" by a yellow tint, and brown by pink. A trend has appeared on social networks: to mix liquid blush of a suitable shade with concealer. Pretty good hack!

3. Milia on the eyelids

Milia are small formations on the skin (more precisely, subcutaneous nodules), visually resembling white grains, abundantly scattered over the skin. The reason for their appearance, as a rule, lies in genetics. That is, it is inherited. The worst thing you can do is try to squeeze out the "white grains".Unlike comedones, these are not clogged pores and do not have a way to the surface without tearing the skin. Milia should be removed by a cosmetologist, he carefully and non-traumatically removes them along with the shell, for example, using an electrocoagulator or a laser. Trying to eliminate milia on your own, you run the risk of infection and scarring. In addition, a torn but not removed skin sac will soon be filled with sebum again.

4. Bad makeup

Makeup mistakes can also spoil the whole impression, giving the eyes a painful look or reducing them visually.

For example, poor shading of eyeliner on the lower eyelid definitely ages. Be careful when working on smoky eyes, and you should forget about geometric arrows in general. Also add years crumbling shadows under the eyes. Be sure to use a base before applying so that they firmly "grip" to the eyelid.

Remember that eyeshadows with a pearlescent effect will conscientiously emphasize every wrinkle around the eyes. And eyeliner or shadows with a red undertone (wine, pink, etc.) can create the effect of a tired “inflamed” look.

Make-up mistakes can also include eyebrows that are too plucked with a “thread” and ... Unsuccessfully extended eyelashes. The effect of "spider legs" is not for everyone.

And finally, the rule: with an emphasis on the eyes, on the lips, apply a nude tone of lipstick or gloss - no one has canceled.

The habit of sharing makeup with girlfriends or coloring each other for a party without using individually brushes, shadows, etc. can cost beauty and health. Cosmetics in contact with the eyes should be exclusively individual. You don't lend your friends a toothbrush, do you? Favorite mascara, this rule also applies.

5. Massage

The fashion for facelift and facebuilding can seriously harm the beauty of your eyes. The fact is that the skin around the eyes is a couple of dozen times thinner than the skin on the cheekbones! It has fewer sebaceous glands that produce a protective "lubrication". Accordingly, too aggressive movements with a roller or a gouache scraper will do more harm than help to rejuvenate. Active friction will stretch delicate tissues, cause creases, bruises from broken capillaries and microcracks. At the same time, unfortunately, there is no way back to restore small vessels. By the way, the idea advertised by some beauty bloggers to make gouache for edible vegetable oils does not stand up to scrutiny. Using olive or coconut oil in the periorbital area, it is easy to cause dehydration and dryness of the skin.

Apply the cream to the skin around the eyes exclusively on the orbital bone. Do it with light and applicative movements, do not pull the skin.