These ladies are not threatened by loneliness.

7 types of women all men want to marry

All girls dream of getting married , having children and feeling safe and happy. And we don't just want to get married. We want a man to be with certain qualities - rich, handsome, worthy, without bad habits, children, relatives and previous wives. And this is just the beginning of the list.

Life puts everything in its place, showing that there are no candidates who are 100% satisfied. Disappointment after disappointment. And at one fine moment, the girl realizes that it is worth thinking not only about what she herself wants, but also asks the question: “Am I the right person for the man I want to marry?”. And here is usually a “silent pause”. “I don’t comply, but it’s okay, what if I’m lucky?” - this is how these reflections most often end.

And the truth is that girls often think that the man himself should give them, and not at all about what they can give him. We decided to make a list of what kind of women men want to marry.

1. beautiful and sexy

When you hear the phrase “beautiful and sexy”, you immediately imagine a girl with a model appearance and from the cover. Actually it's just a stereotype .For men, it is important that a woman knows how to take care of herself, look decent and represent him in society. At the same time, it aroused admiration and desire. To do this, it is not necessary to have a reference figure and face. It is enough just to love yourself for who you are, take care of yourself, know exactly how to emphasize your strengths and hide your flaws. To develop these skills, it is enough to work with a stylist, a psychologist, go to dances.

2. Wise

Women's wisdom  is the ability to be happy and accept others for who they are. A man will forgive a lot to a woman who knows about his shortcomings and does not dwell on them. Who knows how to appreciate him for his strengths and admires his achievements. Wisdom comes with age or through working through trauma, which often do not allow a woman to feel happy just like that.

3. giving

If you listen to women, then most often a man for them is just a tool to take care of them, find out about their moods and feelings and do as they want. It is for this that a woman will cook food, do some housework, take care of a man. That is, the entire contribution of a woman is only for the man to sing to her tune.Women, unfortunately, have forgotten how to give just like that, out of love.And for men, this is probably a key quality. They will always look for a kind, warm woman who will be pleased with him and will sincerely and wholeheartedly take care of him and the children, regardless of the external background.

4. Light

It is not easy for men to live in this world. They have to provide for the family, win the race in the competitive struggle. And it's a huge stress. The heaviness that they carry, you unconsciously want to “compensate” through the lightness of the wife’s character. When he had a terrible day, and a woman at home jokes, laughs, she immediately wants to live. Easy character can be developed in yourself If you stop shifting responsibility for your condition to external factors, treat your soul with psychologists.

5. smart, developed

A man always chooses a woman to match. Subconsciously, he understands that if he is interested in her, the marriage will be stronger. In addition, since the man is always at work, it is the woman who will develop the intelligence of potential children. Not all men love women who are too smart, demonstrating their superiority, but most are smart and developed.

6. Respect yourself and men

Sincerely, it's gotten worse and worse lately. Any transgression of a man - and a woman withdraws into herself, ceasing to respect him and even love him (as it seems to a man). You can't take that kind of stress for long. The more interesting a man, the more self-sufficient and respectful-minded woman he is looking for.

7. With the right values

Upbringing, the way you look at life, everyday life, attitude towards marriage and raising children is very individual. And it is important to understand on the shore whether these values ​​coincide. Most marriages fail because of an initial misunderstanding of whether people fit each other according to these criteria. You can't prepare ahead of time. But there are common features. Most often, a man is looking for a woman who will be a good, faithful wife, caring, who will absorb all the previous points, be happy in motherhood and become the keeper of the hearth.

Love is probably the most important thing that seems important when choosing a life partner. But, as they say, this is a necessary but not sufficient condition. You can't live long on love alone. That's why, before you make demands on men, make them to yourself!