Do you understand why food spoils so quickly? You may be making these mistakes.

6 storage mistakes that cause food to spoil faster than it could

1. Tight stacking in the fridge

In order for food to be kept in the cold for a long time, they must be blown with cool air. Stacking food tightly on the shelves is not an idea. Firstly, they will not cool well, and secondly, the refrigerator will consume more electricity. Leave more space inside. Pay for less food, and in winter you can put a pot of soup on the balcony. 

2. Sudden temperature changes

For many natural products, stable storage conditions are important. If you move, for example, vegetables from a cold balcony to an apartment and back, they will quickly begin to rot. Chicken eggs also react negatively to sudden changes in temperature. Therefore, they cannot be stored on the door, where the most unstable conditions are. Ideally, put the container deep into the shelf. 

3. direct sunlight

Many products do not like direct sunlight. For example, we often put spices on an open shelf, but it is better to store them in a cabinet behind closed doors. And make sure that storage cabinets are not above the stove. High temperature is also a negative factor. 

4. Inappropriate humidity

Too humid storage conditions, including the refrigerator, are not suitable for many products. Do not store cereals, flour, salt, sugar, starch, tea in dampness . In conditions of high humidity, they quickly lose their properties and become unsuitable for consumption. 

5. Excessive sterility

Vegetables, herbs and fruits should be washed before eating. It is better to store as is, especially for root crops - many housewives try to wash them off the ground as soon as possible.Love for cleanliness is great, but such an approach "kills" the gifts of nature.Also, do not send chicken eggs to the sink immediately after purchase. Water destroys the protective film on the shell , dangerous bacteria can get inside through the pores. 

6. Foreign odors

Bulk products absorb odors well. If you put fish or some other equally “fragrant” product next to a pack of tea, the brewed drink will have a strange aftertaste. So it is better to store such things away from the source of the bad smell.