Even men have fears, although they usually hide them.

5 things men are afraid of in a relationship (but don't tell anyone)

Men and women are surrounded by stereotypes, moreover, since childhood . “Don’t cry, you are a man,” the parents say, and now the poor boy is trying to match the male characteristics. They only get bigger with age. And therefore, although men are considered the stronger intercourse, in their souls they are also full of experiences and fears. The most common in front of you.

1. Monogamy for the rest of your life

This is the main reason why many men delay until the last moment when they need to stop at one chosen one and devote themselves completely to her. And for the same reason they spoil everything so often. You can not believe those who claim that a man is polygamous by nature, but there is still something in this., because this fear in most men, as they say, is obvious.

2. Be "under the heel"

The male ego is a very delicate substance. And there are almost more stereotypes in men's companies than women's. Being henpecked (whatever that means) is the worst stigma for them. The problem is that few people can draw a line between a man who respects the opinion of his chosen one and a henpecked man. This blurred line forces men to be on the alert all the time in order to prevent their woman from driving him under the heel.

3. Stay abandoned

Everyone is afraid of this. And men are no exception. No matter how hard they try to look unflappable, deep down everyone is afraid of ruining everything or surviving betrayal. The fear that his beloved will leave one day seems to them a weakness and something so “feminine”, therefore, as a rule, they don’t talk about it out loud, but they can fall into groundless jealousy and suspicion, which, of course, is much worse. Let him understand that he is your one and only, that you are with him, like behind a stone wall, and therefore you are not going anywhere from him.

4. Disappoint your lover

In relation to a man, there are always many expectations that are very difficult to justify. Many members of the stronger intercourse suffer from insecurity and constant fear that their beloved will meet a more worthy candidate. A man should be a breadwinner and a protector, but the problem is that each of them has a protector and a better earner. And most importantly -according to a common stereotype that has to be conformed to, he must be stronger than a woman in everything. Of course, such a burden of responsibility breeds fear of failure.

5. Stop enjoying intercourse

Passion sooner or later leaves any relationship, after which they must move to the next stage. If women, as a rule, have an idea of ​​​​what this new stage of the relationship will be, then men - not always. That is why they are afraid of this moment, even if it is still far away. They just don't know what to do next.

There are times when women (not all) have no time for intercourse at all - pregnancy and childbirth , for example. Men at such moments think that the relationship is collapsing. They themselves also have difficulties with potency (age-related, for example), which they are very afraid of, and even more afraid to discuss them out loud. It is important to treat this with understanding.