Youth forgives all mistakes. But with age, mistakes in makeup can play a bad joke.

10 makeup mistakes that are guaranteed to age you

The purpose of makeup is to decorate and transform. It is not necessary to be a professional makeup artist to delicately emphasize the advantages and hide the flaws. Yes, and the makeup itself can be at least, the main thing is to apply it correctly, as well as to know the characteristics of your skin and adapt to the circumstances (from age-related changes to weather conditions and time of day).

Today we will take a closer look at the popular mistakes that makeup starts to age you.

1. Base problems

Foundation is the base of any makeup. It is logical to assume that it is impossible to build a stable house on a poor foundation. The cream should be thick enough to even out the complexion, but at the same time weightless on the skin, otherwise discomfort cannot be avoided. Don't use foundation that feels sticky, greasy, tight, flaky. It is important to find a balance here, and for each skin it will be a completely different formula. Do not chase an expensive manufacturer, it is much more important to choose the right product for your skin!

After all, even if you've been using the same shade of foundation since grade 8, don't forget to check back from time to time to see if there's a better formula for your current skin—you might be surprised at the results! With age, the skin changes , and the once beloved foundation may begin to emphasize fine wrinkles or clog enlarged pores. 

In addition, makeup artists note that one of the distinguishing features of the "age" make-up is its unevenness. Don't forget to blend foundation, blush, eye shadow, and other liquid products to get even coverage and a more well-groomed and tidy look.

2. Excessive contouring

A few years ago, contouring was one of the main makeup trends. But these times are gone forever, which they forgot to warn some stylists and makeup artists working in the old fashioned way. Contouring is able to make you younger (remove visually “flews”, make your nose narrower and more elegant, highlight the area of ​​“apples” on your cheeks), but too active selection will lead to the opposite effect. Youth is associated in people with naturalness and minimal effort for “improving”, and contouring is painstaking and too intrusive to the eye.

3. intense radiance

Radiant skin usually speaks of health and youth. The function of visual rejuvenation in your cosmetic bag is performed by a highlighter. However, starting from a certain age, it should be used with caution. For example, mature women should not apply shimmery products to the brow ridges - this draws the eye to the eyelid and makes it look more tired.. Also, do not be zealous in the lines of a smile or in the crease of the eye. But where you can add a little bright sparkle is on the cheekbones. The main thing is to choose a delicate liquid highlighter so as not to turn into a disco ball.

4. Fixing the make-up with powder

As skin ages, less sebum is produced and  powder tends to seep into fine lines. Try using a long-lasting setting spray, which is available from many cosmetics brands, instead.

5. dark lipstick

Our lips become thinner and lose definition as we age. If you don't plan on using fillers, avoid dark eyeliner and dark lipstick shades that make your lips look even smaller. It is important to choose a color that matches the shade of the teeth, which can also darken and turn yellow over the years. And remember that gloss makes lips look fresher and younger.

6. Poorly chosen concealer

When it comes to concealer, it is important to remember that the same color and composition does not suit all areas.  So, for example, masking bags under the eyes with a thick concealer designed to hide acne, you risk emphasizing fine wrinkles. In addition, the skin under the eyes is seven times thinner than the rest of the face, so a light touch of the brush is needed, not hard pressure.

7. Too bright blush

Avoid too much blush, it's just not relevant. There was a certain era in history when the more, the better, but those times are long gone. You don't want to send yourself back in time in a time machine with a single brushstroke. 

8. Liner of the inner lower eyelid

Black eyeliner on the lower eyelid ages, makes the eyes smaller, emphasizes wrinkles and generally spoils the appearance. Use brown eye shadow and a beveled brush instead of a pencil, learn how to carefully blend the line. Another tip is to use white or nude eyeliner along the line of the inner surface of the eye. It will brighten your eyes and give you a youthful glow! 

9. Mascara on the lower lash line

Continuation of the previous paragraph that emphasizing the lower part of the eye invariably ages. Makeup artists are now offering to completely abandon mascara on the lower eyelashes, as it casts unnecessary shadows, crumbles and makes the look tired. At least take it as a rule in the daytime.

10. Thin eyebrows

Our eyebrows naturally get thinner as we age, and this can be accelerated by over-plucking. So to look younger, think about making them full and arched. You can tint them with powder shadows to give fullness and density. But it is better to refuse contouring, even if they tell you that tattooing is now “not like before” and will not deteriorate over the years.