We talk about the popular mechanics of losing weight, which the whole world is now talking about.

Tapes on the stomach and sides: how to glue it correctly and does it really work

Could athletes just a few years ago imagine that the tapes they used to strengthen and protect the abs during training would be used for shaping the figure in the waist area? Meanwhile, taping techniques are becoming more common in various fields. Aesthetic cosmetology is no exception. Special plasters are increasingly used to eliminate edema, rejuvenation , correction of any areas on the face and body. One of the most popular trends is teips for slimming the abdomen and sides.

Let's figure out what it is

Tapes are multi-colored fabric strips of different widths and lengths, which are used as applications on the body in order to ensure the normal functioning of muscles, restore injured, painful areas of the body, and now also promote weight loss. They can be made from both natural and synthetic raw materials, which resemble human skin in terms of elasticity. Based on this material, more than 50 years ago, so-called kinesio tapes (or kinesio tapes) began to be made, which have a therapeutic and cosmetic effect. Taping the abdomen is the use of such tapes, which involves gluing them in a certain way for the purpose of losing weight and body shaping.

Tape is very similar to a regular patch that is glued to the body. It has elasticity, similar to the elasticity of human skin, so it does not interfere or impede movement at all.

The tape consists of several layers:

  • breathable, quick-drying fabric with sewn-in polyurethane threads that allow stretch;
  • adhesive hypoallergenic layer, created on an acrylic basis, does not change its properties under the influence of water. It starts working at skin temperature and adheres instantly;
  • protective layer of waxed paper with silicone coating. It is marked for easy cutting.

How it works

Taping the abdomen helps to get rid of excess weight , improve skin elasticity. 

The procedure works in two directions:

  • Muscular application. This is working with muscles and fascia through neural connections. Proper application of kinesio tape sets them in a direction that will either stimulate or relax. In this case, it is necessary to use a certain tension.
  • Lymphatic drainage taping. This is work to relieve swelling and pain syndromes, as well as getting rid of cellulite and body fat. In this case, the strips are superimposed in such a way that the pressure is distributed alternately. It turns out a long micromassage. The tape lifts the skin, increasing the interstitial space. Due to this, fluid circulation improves, tissue regeneration - as a result, weight loss occurs.
While wearing teips, due to improved blood flow, more oxygen enters the tissues. This allows you to speed up the process of lipolysis, that is, the breakdown of fat, and the weight begins to decrease. In addition, the skin is quickly restored, since improved microcirculation promotes cell regeneration. The procedure also ensures that blood and lymph are properly directed to those organs that need it most. For example, in the presence of fat folds on the abdomen, even increased muscle contractions during training do not guarantee that blood and lymph will not stagnate, while taping helps to avoid this undesirable condition. Tapes for the abdomen and sides remove adhesions and postpartum stretch marks, and without pain.

In general, taping helps to remove fat, make the skin smooth and elastic. There are different types of it - for example, visceral, lymphatic drainage and frame taping, while each type affects its own area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe abdomen. However, the general principle remains unchanged.

How to stick teips on the stomach for weight loss

There are special techniques for taping the abdominal muscles. The result will depend on its correctness.

Before applying the application, it is necessary to prepare the skin. Kinesio tape is applied to a clean, dry area. Residues of creams, ointments, other cosmetics must be completely removed. It is advisable to use a special antiseptic spray, or other degreasing agent. It would be nice to do an epilation of the abdomen. Finally, you should hold the tapes in your hands so that they warm up. The ends of the tape should be rounded off. 

Tape for slimming the abdomen of the scheme depends on the type of procedure chosen. How to glue tape on the stomach for a lift?

Here is the scheme of lymphatic drainage taping:

  • Fan-shaped cut the tape into 6 strips, each 1.5 cm wide.
  • Make 3 such fans.
  • The uncut base of each fan should be on a lymph node. There are only 3 of them in the abdomen - intra-abdominal, which is located in the center, just below the chest between the ribs, and two inguinal on the left and right.
  • Ribbons from each fan diverge to the sides.
  • Tape should be applied in waves, with minimal tension.
  • You can combine several drainage paths at once or make only one if the problem concerns a particular lymph node.

For aesthetic taping, the instructions will be slightly different. So, how to glue teips on the stomach:

  • Gird separate wide ribbons around the waist with a gap of 1-2 cm between each other;
  • Fasten the anchor under the chest, put the ribbons fan-shaped down in different directions;
  • Glue 2-3 bases to the center of the solar plexus, lower the tapes parallel to each other down;
  • Place crosswise (butterflies) on places of accumulation of fat, stretch marks or scars;
  • Twist in a spiral, starting from the navel.

When answering the question “how to tape the stomach for weight loss”, it is important to note that the use of tapes gives a good effect if the tapes are glued for a long time. Although the recommended period for wearing patches is no more than a month, after a break, you need to wear it again for at least 14 days. 

What do doctors think

Teip research is carried out regularly. According to doctors, kinesio taping is similar in technique to sports taping, moreover, kinesio taping is now often called sports taping. However, there are certain differences in the methods. However, the emphasis is not on the difference in the technology itself, but on the difference in the goals set.

Taping improves lymph flow as well as blood circulation in the muscle, allowing recovery processes to occur faster. These properties of teips are also actively used by massage therapists, not only for medical, but also for cosmetic purposes. For example, with anti-cellulite massage . “If we want to work with the aesthetics of the body, then it is most effective to use the tape after the massage. This will allow prolonging the effect of the massage for another five days, ”says Valeria Sizykh, a practitioner at the Japanese company Phiten.

Sticking tapes without correction of nutrition, as well as physical activity, does not at all affect weight loss, a decrease in the volume of the abdomen. Reviews of people who have used this method for weight loss indicate that kinesio tape is effective only if it is combined with active sports and proper nutrition.