Lose your wedding ring: folk omens and superstitions

Wedding rings are not just decorations and evidence that a person is married. Since ancient times, many signs and traditions have been associated with them, which still exist today. It is believed that the rings protect the family from misfortune, decay, support love and harmony between spouses. This is an amulet with great power. He should be with husband and wife always. Theft, breakage of such jewelry symbolized the onset of the black stripe. What can a lost wedding ring threaten according to signs? In the old days, such an event was given great importance, but interpreted differently.

Lost wedding ring: signs for men

Wedding rings are usually purchased by the groom. And sometimes they cost him dearly. But it is men who lose such jewelry more often than women. The strong half of humanity is not so reverent about the family amulet as the weaker lovemaking. They can take it off somewhere and forget it, drop it off your finger.

According to signs, losing a wedding ring to a man can mean:

  • troubles and failures in the family;
  • serious illness;
  • breakup of marriage;
  • problems at work;
  • betrayal by the second half.
Women believe that if a husband has lost his wedding ring, he will soon leave the family. This can happen. The wife begins to get nervous, make scandals, becomes suspicious and petty. The husband cannot stand the constant reproaches and files for divorce. So, a woman needs to control herself.

If a man lost his ring before marriage, the wedding can be postponed. Spouses need to get to know each other better and understand whether they are really halves united by fate. Otherwise, the family can quickly cease to exist.

Not all signs about lost wedding rings by a man are so terrible. There is a belief that the loss of jewelry symbolizes a new stage in the relationship, strengthening the family. Therefore, the loss of a wedding ring by a husband should not lead his wife to despair. You can arrange a romantic evening, go on a trip together. And all the troubles will soon be forgotten.

What do the signs say if a woman has lost her ring

The weaker lovemaking usually treats wedding jewelry with care. But even the most accurate ladies are not immune from their loss. Rings can fly off your hand in the pool, when swimming in the sea. Sometimes jewelry is forgotten in beauty salons, at work. What do the signs say in cases where the wife has lost her wedding ring?

  • a threat to a woman's health;
  •  collapse of family well-being;
  • the occurrence of serious financial problems;
  • cheating husband. 

It's not always that bad either. Some signs for a woman, if she has lost her wedding ring, mean minor troubles and even positive changes in the family. The main thing is not to lose strength of mind and believe in good things. You can not get depressed and wait for trouble. Of course, losing a ring to a married woman is annoying. But don't worry too much about it. I need to tell my husband about this and ask him to update the jewelry. The next round of relationships will begin. There is every chance that he will be happier than the previous one.

How to find a lost wedding ring

 After the accidental loss of a family amulet, you should not panic and lose heart. If the husband lost his wedding ring, you should try to remember where he took off the jewelry. Men can do it at work, in the bathroom, in the car. Often lost things suddenly catch your eye in a day or two. A woman who has lost her ring also needs to think about where she has been lately. Perhaps the ring rolled under the table in the kitchen, under the nightstand, bed. Finding an engagement ring if you lost it at home is not difficult. Provided that strangers did not enter the apartment.

Jewelry found quickly can continue to be worn. There is a possibility that the family amulet, when lost, simply averted the trouble and returned to the owner again. And the ring, which was searched for a long time and found in an unexpected place, should be handled with care. They could make a love spell on him, bring damage. It is better not to take the ring with bare hands and not to put it on. It is better to first consecrate it in the temple.

If someone managed to find a stranger's lost wedding ring, you can't wear it. You can take such an ornament only with gloves, so as not to get a lot of trouble. The best way out in this case is to return it to its owner. If the owner is unknown, it is advisable to take the ring to a pawnshop or melt it down, having previously cleared it of negative energy. To do this, the product is dipped in a glass of salt water for three days.

Why dream of a lost wedding ring 

The loss of a family amulet in a dream is interpreted in different ways. This is information, the interpretation of which depends on the gender, marital status of a person, on the sensations of the sleeping person. Many dream books claim that it means separation from a loved one. And if the loss of jewelry made you happy, there will be a parting with those who are not needed and cause only negative.

For an unmarried girl, losing an engagement ring in a dream is a good change. They will be unexpected, bring good luck and new acquaintances. If a widow or a divorced woman saw such a dream, one must prepare for dates with a future life partner. They should not be abandoned.

When, in a night dream, an oversized decoration is lost from a finger, the sleeping person will get rid of problems. If you dreamed that the ring donated by your ex-husband or boyfriend was missing, there is an event ahead that contributes to reconciliation and resumption of relations.

To lose a wedding ring in a dream for a married woman - to family discord, betrayal of a spouse, or frequent quarrels. For married men, this means:

  • conflicts with the second half;
  • loss of confidence at work
  • decrease in income;
  • the appearance of temptations that destroy marriage.

Miller's dream book reports that the loss of a wedding ring in a dream threatens with illness, the disappearance of reciprocity from the other half. But other seers think so: when a woman dreamed that she had lost her wedding ring, all disappointments would be left behind. A peaceful and happy life awaits her. Such dreams must be considered separately in each case. It is important to take into account the feelings experienced by sleeping people when the ring was lost.

How to Avoid Arguments Between Husband and Wife

The loss of a wedding ring does not mean the collapse of the family, but it warns that it can happen. Spouses should not be nervous and panic. We must do our best to peacefully resolve disputes so as not to aggravate the situation in the house. Esotericists recommend permanently removing the remaining ring and purchasing a new pair of jewelry. Before this, it is important for both the husband and the wife to get rid of dark desires and thoughts. Otherwise, family problems will arise again.

The second ring can be melted down, given to the temple. If the jewelry is expensive and you don’t want to part with it, you need to lower it into a bowl of holy water for three days. It is impossible to look at the ring, touch it during the purification ritual.

Psychologists and pragmatic people believe that the world should be perceived positively and not believe in omens. Some soothsayers consider the loss of the ring a good sign. But the interpretation of such events diverges. Therefore, many couples are anxious and seek to strengthen their union. They are right. Because the wedding ring plays the role of a talisman. The decoration protects against the attacks of dark forces and negative energy. If it is lost, trouble can really pour in a continuous stream. How to avoid it?

Rituals to protect the family in the event of the loss of a wedding ring
Before buying new rings, a husband must make a marriage proposal to his wife. It is better to consecrate jewelry in the temple.

A white rose bought by one of the spouses will help protect the family from quarrels and scandals. When purchasing a flower, you need to mentally pronounce the phrase: “I buy for a day. Out for a lifetime." Then they go to the temple with a rose and ask for a blessing for a quiet family life. At home, the flower is placed in a vase with water. They wash wedding rings in it. When a husband or wife passes by this vase, one must say: “Bless, light forces.” After the rose withers, the petals are used to make a charm for the house.

Wedding rings have great power, they can protect the family from infidelity, divorce, and other hardships. This is a powerful amulet that must be treated with care. In order for love to live in the house, there was a harmony, it is better to purchase a smooth ring without corrugation and stone. You can't leave it in the office, throw it on the floor, twist it on your finger. It is forbidden to wear jewelry before the wedding! The ring will lose the status of an engagement symbol and will not protect the family.

This gem can be passed down through generations. But even here it will protect the clan only when the marriage of the previous owners lasted at least 25 years. Wedding rings are endowed with special energy and should not fall into the wrong hands. We must try not to lose such decorations and always monitor them.