A phone screen is no more harmful than a computer monitor or a book. But under certain conditions, it can still ruin your eyesight. In the article we will tell you how to use a smartphone correctly and what characteristics will help maintain eye health.

How to keep your eyesight when using your smartphone: 5 safety rules

Why smartphones are bad for the eyes

Vision can deteriorate for the following reasons:

Long focus on a close subject

When the distance does not change for a long time, the lens is motionless in one position. Without training, it loses the ability to focus at other distances. Myopia develops, or, in scientific terms, myopia. Users of electronic or paper books may also face this problem. 

Blue color display 

The most harmful to the eyes is short-wavelength light - blue radiation. The beams are focused directly in front of the retina to produce a sharp image and are capable of destroying its receptors. In addition, they block the production of melatonin (sleep hormone). 

Low screen refresh rate

The refresh rate indicates how many times per second the screen is able to display a new frame. A low indicator causes discomfort for the user, affects the general well-being, eye fatigue and can provoke headaches. 

Safety regulations 

We are not advocating to completely abandon the smartphone. Safety precautions and the right choice of gadget will help reduce the negative impact. 

1. Do the exercise "20-20-20"

Ophthalmologists recommend this workout to those people who spend a lot of time at a computer or smartphone (that is, almost everyone).The essence of the exercise: every 20 minutes, open your eyes from the screen, 20 seconds focus on some distant point located at a distance of 20 feet (6 meters).Thus, the lens will constantly change its position, this will reduce the risk of developing myopia. To control, set a reminder about the duration of use. 

2. Don't use your phone while lying on the couch

The rules for using a computer also apply to smartphones. Keep the phone screen at a distance of 30 cm. It is inconvenient to read the news - adjust the font size, but do not bring it closer to your eyes.If it is difficult to control yourself, choose a modern gadget that will warn you about the wrong body position during use.. 

3. Adjust the brightness

Remember, when you look at a too bright screen in the dark, you feel physical pain. And it's a lot of stress for the eyes. Fortunately, the new smartphone from TECNO has an automatic brightness control mode.This option adjusts the brightness to external conditions, reducing the load on the organ of vision.Try it - you'll like it!

4. Choose a smartphone with a high refresh rate

When buying a gadget, pay attention to the frame refresh rate. Decent option -POVA Neo 2 smartphone with 6.82" large screen and 90Hz refresh rate for smooth and fast image transitions. This is convenient when working with several applications at the same time, watching a video or playing a game. 

5. Choose models with health mode 

With POVA 4 series, TECNO has not only focused on eye-catching appearance, uncompromising and powerful performance, but also added a new health care mode to the POVA Neo 2 model, which includes useful functions: brightness adjustment, body position warning, blue eye protection. radiation, as well as safety tips. 

Not all expensive phones have an eye protection mode. The TECNO POVA Neo 2 smartphone is an affordable and secure option. Read the news, watch videos, play and don't worry about your health anymore!