Today we will talk about sugaring or sugar hair removal. The affordable price and wide distribution have made hair removal with sugar quite popular among many girls. Let's figure out what exactly is shugaring at home.

How to do shugaring at home

This method is ideal for hair removal in the bikini and underarm areas. Since a small area is not captured during shugaring, it is not recommended to epilate the legs in this way, because you will spend a lot of time, effort and material. For legs, waxing is the best choice, or you can use electric epilators.

Hair removal methods

Therefore, many girls are looking for alternative methods of hair removal, such as:

  1. Laser hair removal ;
  2. Photoepilation ;
  3. Elosepilation (combination of photo and laser hair removal)
  4. Electrolysis ;
  5. Waxing;
  6. Depilation creams;
  7. Shugaring.

Hair removal with this method is carried out using a special sugar paste. The advantage of using sugar paste is that, unlike wax, the paste is heated in the hands of the master, and its temperature is equal to body temperature, which completely eliminates all kinds of burns that often occur during waxing, since the wax must be hot.

Cons of sugaring

Now there are many ways to get rid of unwanted hair. It is very important to choose the epilation method that is right for you. Of course, the easiest way is to use a regular razor. It is painless, fast, cheap, but has many disadvantages:

  1. Hair is removed for a short time;
  2. Irritation appears on sensitive skin;
  3. Ingrown hairs appear after shaving.

What is shugaring

The essence of the technique - shugaring is that a small piece of sugar paste (about the size of a walnut) is taken on a spatula or just with your hands, kneaded to the desired temperature and consistency (the paste should become plastic and acquire a golden color) and applied against hair growth. No need to wait until the paste hardens, hair removal occurs immediately, you need to pull a piece of the smeared paste along the hair growth.

At the same time, it is important to keep the skin on the epilated area slightly taut, otherwise there is a risk of bruising, which takes a very long time (about three weeks). The advantage of shugaring is that no special devices are required, so, for example, for waxing, you need to take care of buying a heater for cartridges and strips, shugaring, at this moment, wins, since only paste is required.

Sugaring history

Sugaring is one of the most ancient methods of getting rid of unwanted hair. It is widely believed that already the women of Ancient Persia used this method. Traditionally, a girl getting married would definitely remove her hair with sugar. But, despite the fact that the history of shugaring is deeply rooted in antiquity, this method does not lose its relevance for a modern woman.

Pros and cons of shugaring

The undoubted advantage of shugaring is that hair removal occurs for a fairly long period - about two or three weeks, depending on the individual characteristics of the body. At the same time, the appearance of ingrown hairs is practically excluded and the stiffness of the hair is reduced, in contrast to shaving, which only contributes to this.

The downside is that shugaring at home is a rather painful method of hair removal. All people have a different pain threshold, and not everyone can withstand this procedure. There are even cases when, during the procedure, clients fainted from pain shock.

But all methods for getting rid of hair forever are quite expensive and costly, not everyone can afford them, and shugaring is a budget method.

It should be noted that not everyone can perform such a procedure at home on their own. Everyone has their own threshold of sensitivity to pain and not everyone can endure it calmly, yes, even in a situation where you have to bring anxiety to yourself.

The cost of the sugaring procedure

The price of shugaring in salons ranges from 500 to 2000 rubles per procedure.
Sugar hair removal can be done by yourself by doing sugaring at home. It is enough to buy sugar paste, it is sold in specialized stores for professional cosmetologists and hairdressers, as well as bought on the Internet. When buying, you should pay attention to the degree of hardness of the paste, it can be of three types: soft medium and hard.

For beginners, a hard or medium paste is most suitable - it does not stick so much and is more convenient to work with. If the paste is too hard and it is difficult for you to take a piece from it, then you can warm it up a little in a water bath so that the material becomes more plastic. Sugaring is not difficult to do, you just need to “get your hands on it”, especially since you can find a large number of training videos on the Internet that describe all the subtleties of the procedure.

Sugar paste for sugaring

Shugaring at home can be done independently. But first you need to know how to cook sugaring paste. In fact, it is absolutely simple and does not require any hard-to-find ingredients, as a rule, every girl has everything she needs at home. The composition of sugar paste is simple - just regular sugar, water and lemon. We take 10 large spoons of sugar, squeeze the juice from half a lemon, add 4 large spoons of water and mix everything. Lemon juice can be replaced with citric acid, about 1/2 teaspoon.

Pour the resulting mixture into a saucepan and put on low heat so that the paste does not burn, it must be constantly stirred. When the paste begins to boil, its shade changes, it should be caramel in color. Be careful not to overcook the paste, if this happens, it will turn out to be brittle and inelastic, and if you do not cook it enough, the paste will turn out to be too sticky and it will be impossible to epilate it.

Skin care

The area to be epilated before the procedure must be treated with some kind of disinfectant, the easiest option is to wipe the skin with alcohol.

Sugaring requires a certain length of hairs, ideally 4 or 5 mm. If the hairs are shorter, then the sugar may not capture them. Also, for the convenience of the procedure and in order for the sugar to capture the hairs, but not stick to the skin, the area to be epilated can be treated with ordinary baby powder.

What to do after shugaring

After the procedure, you should also not forget about disinfection, since pulling out the hair injures the skin and an infection can be introduced into the formed microdamages of the skin. It is recommended to use a solution of chlorhexidine, it is sold in any pharmacy and is inexpensive - about 20 rubles. They need to wipe the skin for the first few days until the red dots after epilation pass.

Immediately after the procedure, it is not recommended to visit the solarium for the first two days, because of the risk of pigment spots, or to ensure that ultraviolet light falls on the epilated area.

Summing up, shugaring is certainly a good method, but far from ideal. If you have sufficient finances, then it is better to do electro or laser hair removal. And as a budget method, you can consider shugaring or waxing.