Do you dream of a thick mane, but instead you endlessly struggle with split ends? Catch a checklist of bad habits that prevent you from achieving results.

You have noticed that your hair has become drier, lifeless and brittle, and went in search of the culprit ... Do not rush. Instead of cursing the hair dryer that burned your wealth, consider that completely different factors may be the causes of the problem. Let's figure out what is behind the concept of "fragility", as well as what ways to resolve the issue exist. 

Fragility - what is it?

The hair shaft is resistant to normal damage. Bad weather, wind tangling curls, a hat, a pillow that you have to rub against daily are wear factors that are included in the "insurance" by nature. They won't ruin your hair. How ever constantly repeated mechanical and chemical influences will lead to premature destruction of the shell and cortical layer. As a result, the process of flaking of the shell scales is enhanced, followed by the removal and destruction of the cortical layer.

Fragility - what is it

Brittleness is usually characteristic of dry hair types. The appearance of trichoclasia (the medical name for the problem) occurs due to insufficient secretion of sebum on the head. Outwardly, this manifests itself as a lack of softness, elasticity, shine . Often, fragility is accompanied by dandruff or even hair loss. The strands become thin, dull, lifeless, split at the ends.

This can be provoked by many unpleasant factors, including some acute diseases, metabolic pathologies, and chronic processes in the body. The solution often comes down to eliminating factors that at first glance have nothing to do with the head area.

Our habitual disrespect for our own body, coupled with ignoring the obvious things, contributes additionally to the brittle hair of the cause. Walking in the winter without a hat?Severe frost can easily damage the structure of the strands, leading to their thinning.A long stay in the scorching sun is also not very useful. Frequent, excessive use of a hair dryer and curling irons can dry out, also damaging the structure. Washing your hair too often removes all the sebum that protects the skin, which leads to dryness of the scalp and, as a result, the hair. Regular visits to the beauty salon for painting is another way to worsen their condition, due to the adverse effects of the chemicals contained in the composition of the paints. Finally, just for show, let's remember the Chinese cosmetics from the underground passage, which will not expire in any way (of course, because it was not there in principle). Answering the question “brittle hair what to do?”, We offer to combine together specific causes, problems and possible ways to eliminate them. 

Hair breakage: treatment and 10 causes

1. Micronutrient deficiency

A balanced diet plays an important role in maintaining health. With a lack of vitamins of groups A, B, folic acid, calcium, silicon, the bulbs cannot develop fully. Not getting enough nutrition, the hair begins to grow more slowly, become brittle.  

Solution: Try to diversify your diet by saturating it with such components as biotin (found in eggs and fish) and selenium (rich in sunflower seeds). Omega-3s, protein, vitamin D will also help.  

2. Stress

The state of the nervous system directly affects the health of the vessels that supply the follicles with the necessary nutrients. If a person is in a state of nervous tension for a long time, the so-calledtelogen effluvium: The hair shafts are no longer fed by the bulbs and prematurely enter the telogen phase prior to hair loss.  

Solution:  Swear less, walk more in nature, and minimize contact with irritating factors. Yoga and meditation  are an unexpected but effective remedy for brittle hair.  

3. Hormonal changes

Hormone levels can constantly change and also have an effect. It is important not to load the head with procedures during such periods.

Solution:  strengthen control over your condition, pass the necessary tests, try vitamin complexes. Fragility can be a symptom of some hormonal diseases - immediately make an appointment with the doctor!  

4. Harmful care

Sometimes, in an attempt to find a treatment for hair loss and brittleness, we sign up for procedures like "happiness", keratin or Botox ... Without going into details, whether they are suitable for us and whether the master has the proper qualifications. As a result, it has what we have: we wanted smoothed “horse” strands - we got burnt, broken and exhausted. The strongest traumatic effect is possessed by means for dyeing, lightening, permanent waving or straightening hair: if the technique of use is violated, their aggressive components can destroy the structure of the hair shaft. 

Solution: unload. Do you want to completely eliminate this factor? Means,return to natural color, fall in love with the native structure of the strands. Or at least from time to time give them a well-deserved vacation - do not use a hair dryer, ironing, do not bouffant, tight tails. Give curls the opportunity to naturally restore their strength.  

5. Not trimming often enough

In case you see a section on the tips , regular visits to the hairdresser are not a whim, but a necessity. If the damaged part is not cut off in time, then the delamination of the hair shaft, with a high probability, will go further. Then you have to say goodbye to the already solid part of the length.  

Solution: do not allow floor length. Regularly check the condition of the tips, do not ignore the advice of your master stylist.  

6. Fluid deficiency

How to cure hair from dryness, brittleness and section if there is not enough moisture in the body at the system level? No way! Moreover, the skin and hair receive water literally "according to the residual principle." Therefore, any moisture deficit will primarily affect them. That is why water balance is so important.  

Solution: drink plenty more often. Avoid prolonged periods of thirst.  

7. Bad habits

Drinking is known to be harmful, and smoking is even more so. For hair including. If you want beautiful strands, tie them up. There is nothing to discuss here.  

8. Deterioration of microcirculation in the scalp

The habit of constantly collecting a smooth tail, a strict bun or tight braids can negatively affect in two directions at once. Firstly,strong tension disrupts microcirculation and weakens the hair at the roots. Secondly, a tightly tightened elastic band can injure the hair shaft at the points of contact - especially if it has decorative elements or a metal mount.  

Solution: give preference to soft elastic bands (for example, covered with silk fabric), often give your hair freedom.  

9. Wrong combing

One of the common causes of breakage is too much or careless brushing. Doctors agree that combing should be done as needed, but not more than 2-3 times a day.  

Solution: Comb several times a day and massage your scalp to improve metabolism.    

10. Lack of moisturizing masks

This element of care must be mandatory. For example, here is such a homemade mask for dry and brittle hair:

  • Half a cup of coconut milk must be mixed with half an avocado, crushed to a pulp
  • The composition is applied to the entire length of the hair and to the roots, then the hair must be wrapped with a film, put on a special cap or a regular T-shirt bag, and wrap it with a towel on top and wait an hour.
  • After that, rinse your hair in the usual way.