In the article, we reveal the intricacies of making delicious and aromatic coffee in your favorite coffee shop.

7 coffee secrets only baristas (and now you) know

1. The lighter the coffee, the more caffeine it contains.

If there are more cocoa beans in dark chocolate, then it can be assumed that dark coffee has a lot of caffeine . But this is a wrong analogy. The color of coffee depends on the degree of roasting. And the stronger it is, the less caffeine remains in the grains. Therefore, a dark drink is not as invigorating as a light one. You need to wake up in the morning - order light roasted coffee. 

2. The 10 second rule 

A shot of espresso "sours" after 10 seconds - the caramel aroma disappears, the coffee becomes sour. As soon as the espresso is ready, you need to add water to it (if it is American) or milk for a cappuccino or latte, then the drink will retain a pleasant taste. Many novice baristas don't follow this rule, especially when it's busy. 

3. Best to drink black coffee

From the point of view of the effect on the body, it is best to drink the drink in its pure form. We recently talked about which additives ruin coffee. So, milk is not always a good companion. For many people, cappuccino or flat white causes indigestion and other unpleasant symptoms. Experts recommend brewing coffee with a paper filter because unfiltered coffee contains substances that affect the formation of "bad" cholesterol. 

4. The best foam comes from skimmed milk.

If you like a drink with lush foam, but at home you can’t achieve the desired effect, buy milk with zero fat content. The low-fat version whips up quickly and holds its shape well. 

5. Beautiful latte means quality

The same “leaf” or another pattern speaks of the quality of the drink. The pattern will turn out evenly on the foam if it is of the right consistency, and the espresso is cooked correctly. Thus, already in appearance, you can understand whether the coffee will be delicious. And is it worth returning to this coffee shop for a new portion or you can put a “dislike” in the reviews. 

6. Large portion doesn't mean more coffee

Many famous coffee houses have a tricky rule - in large and medium cups the same amount of coffee (two shots of espresso).The difference in volume depends on the amount of milk. It costs less than quality coffee beans. If you want to increase the caffeine content, ask for an extra shot of espresso. Why overpay for milk if your goal is to cheer up?

7. Coffee has an expiration date

Coffee beans after roasting are suitable for making a drink for 1-3 days, then the taste begins to deteriorate. The maximum shelf life is 10 days. Beans and ground coffee should be stored in an airtight container away from sunlight and moisture, but in no case in a refrigerator or freezer.