Let's talk about interesting approaches to organizing order in the house that save time and effort.

5 unusual cleaning systems from around the world that really work

1. Magic cleaning

Japanese Marie Kondo is the best-selling author of home tidying and storage. It is based on the idea of ​​an ideal home. Even a rented apartment can be very comfortable and cozy. Marie advises not to start cleaning while there are extra things in the house. She advises throwing away everything that does not bring joy. It is recommended to do this gradually at least twice a month. Clothes and other household items should be laid out so that they can be seen. Hidden from view, as a rule, are never used. 

2. Ducks and sheep  

German cleaning system , where all household chores are divided into three categories:

  • "Ducks" - items that are broken or no one uses them. These things need to be collected all week in a special box, then to be taken out to the trash. 
  • "Sheep" is a daily routine. Tasks that need to be completed, such as cleaning the stove, sorting out a shoe box, or ironing clothes. But these things should not tire or take too much time.
  • "Worms" are simple and uncomplicated things that can be entrusted to the younger generation. If the task is presented in a playful way, then the children are happy to complete it. 

3. hug method

American Leo Babauta is the author of a blog about minimalism. He calls to think about the expediency of certain purchases. If a thing is not needed, then do not cling to it. In terms of cleanliness, Leo is a fan of small tasks instead of one big and tedious one. For example, it is better to immediately remove the garbage, and not accumulate dirt. He called his cleaning life hack “the hug method” - clean the area that you can wrap your arms around. So moving from point to point, you will put things in order twice as fast. Throwing around the room is ineffective. 

4. burning house method

American Alison Hodgson also promotes minimalism in the arrangement of life. The inspiration came to her after a fire in the house. Her relatives managed to take out very few things, the rest were “eaten” by the fire. But the paradox is that they were still able to list what was stored in the distant drawers and mezzanines. Her main recommendation when cleaning is to leave only what you first take out during a fire. 

5. flylady

A well-known cleaning system in the USA, the main idea of ​​which is to enjoy everyday household chores. The Flyladies only spend 15 minutes a day cleaning up. Spend time daily in one area of ​​the house, for example, Monday is the bedroom, Tuesday is the nursery, etc. And once a week, do wet cleaning (my floors and dust), but this process should not take more than 60 minutes. You also need to timely “extinguish” the hot spots where the most dirt accumulates: the kitchen sink, coffee table, workplace.