Philately and numismatics are, of course, wonderful. But what about something more modern? Let us tell you where to start if you decide to go to collectors (or to captivate your child). 

Without stamps and coins: 5 unusual things that are fashionable to collect today


Some people treat the idea of ​​collecting as a relic or eccentricity, which as a hobby is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Meanwhile, “eccentric” collectors sometimes make a significant contribution to the cultural heritage with their invaluable collections. Let us recall one of the most famous Russian patrons of art, collector of Russian painting Pavel Tretyakov.

The passion for collecting can start with a selection of a few minor items and lead to an impressive collection (which in the future may even be highly prized). So if you have been planning to start collecting something for a long time or wanted to involve the whole family in this activity, now is the time. And we will tell you what options you can consider.

1. Postcards 



Works of art - expensive, and magnets - hackneyed? Start collecting postcards from different cities where you travel wherever you or go for work. They will serve "Clues" for pleasant memories , will not let you forget the names of attractions and will be a good subject for discussion with guests. At home, you can allocate space on the wall and decorate it with such collectible postcards, it will turn out very beautifully.

2. Insects 



Does collecting butterflies or beetles of various species sound a little predatory to you? But for people keen on botany, it will cause enthusiasm. And, perhaps, your child is one of those. By exploring the world under your feet, you can discover an amazing universe with its own laws and connections, where everything - colors, sounds, smells, the number of antennae, legs and even points on the wings - matters. Are you ready to be the mother of a great scientist ?

3. Constructors 



If children are not indifferent to bright constructors, they can also be chosen for collecting. And if now it seems to you that this is an "option for kids", then you just haven't plunged into the topic yet. The most popular LEGO® toy among collectors, for example whole series based on popular films , cartoons, comics. And from the legendary cubes, you can not only build houses, but also create beautiful interior toys. And this is not such a childish option, right?

4. Dolls 



For people interested in the geography and culture of different countries (as well as for fans of horror films :), collecting dolls will be an excellent educational hobby. They are easy to find in gift shops, so over time, be sure, friends will start bringing you new copies. The dolls will help expand ideas about national traditions and costumes and at the same time they will definitely be of interest to all generations of your friendly family.

5. Words 



You can collect not only objects, but also useful knowledge. If you love to show off your erudition and your kids do better in Russian than in math, consider linguistic collecting. Send funny words from different languages, to the "piggy bank" interesting expressions or unusual phrases in foreign languages ​​for communication in travel . The advantage of such a collection is that it does not require financial investments and space - only a notebook is needed.

It is not so important what you decide to collect - shards of meteorites or candy wrappers, Christmas tree decorations or erasers in the form of edible products. The main thing is to be creative and not forget to share your amazing findings with the world. Then even if not millions at the auction in thirty years, but a lot of positive emotions are provided to you.