Let's start with the main thing - no "detox" exists. This type of body cleansing is as far as possible from both science and the principles of healthy eating. How then to be? Let's explain now. 

Why detox does not exist and is it really possible to "cleanse" the body

If you believe the detox rules written on the forums and imposed on us by this whole supposedly healthy lifestyle industry, it turns out that throughout our lives we can litter our bodies with food waste, poor sleep quality and a destructive lifestyle. And then drink a glass of concentrated juice (which is essentially what these cocktails are) - and everything will pass.

And then in a new way: pollute-clean-pollute-clean ... 

Reset and recruit, limit and replenish

Nothing goes unnoticed, and temporary cleansing does not make us healthier, slimmer and happier... Of course, after spending two days on the same cocktails, you can get rid of a couple of kilograms. But then your body will need to replenish the reserves of the missing substances, and you will gain much more than you threw off.

And most importantly, in the same two days, you can lose a couple of extra pounds in the same way. No cocktails and no stress for the body. 

A large number of girls approached me with stories about how they "cleansed" themselves with the help of smoothies, kefir , butter and lemon, exhausted themselves with a hunger strike, did enemas with nuclear compounds - which I just did not hear over the years of work. The worst thing is thatin pursuit of easy and unsafe weight loss many resort to rather dangerous methods of cleansing . 

So, let's describe the day of a woman who is on detox:

  • In the morning she drinks a smoothie, after which there is a significant jump in insulin in the blood. At this time, the body is not saturated and again requires food. 
  • Therefore, soon the hand of our heroine again reaches for the "magic" cocktail, in an attempt to drown out the insatiable organism. And again the leap.
  • 6-10 servings a day she is allowed to drink the miracle program.
  • And now the unfortunate one swinging all day on an insulin swingand staying away from food on sheer willpower, by the evening becomes hungry and angry . 
  • After the end of this purification, 99% of people return to their old way of life. This is how they live from detox to detox. But this does not lead to the improvement of the body, or to harmony.

Why you should stay away from detox diets

In order to be healthy and like yourself in the mirror , you don't need to drink juices and smoothies. Detox programs are a marketing ploy that covers the consumer's pain with the promise of fast weight loss. And after us, as they say, even the flood. 

  1. During detox diets the body is depleted since it does not receive high-quality fuel for its vital functions, which are proteins and fats.
  2. Moreover, every time you consume smoothies (juice, carbohydrates and sugar) during the day, the body begins to live. at the peaks of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia... And this is just a direct path to insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes and obesity.
  3. Also, the consequence of such experiments is often reproductive disorders: high frequency of menstrual irregularities, infertility, lack of ovulation and others.
During a meal, it is important for your body to receive all the necessary elements, and not just fill the stomach with anything. With the right approach to nutrition, you you will be well-fed and happy life... And you certainly won't look frantically at your watch to get your next bottle of smoothie on schedule.