That such a "male ego" is not understood by many women. Read about it in the article.

Male ego: what is it in simple words? How to manage a man, male ego: psychology, advice

Healthy relationships between men and women require constant work, both over oneself, and over the relationship with a partner. Sometimes on the way to the establishment of "healthy relationships" one encounters difficulties. One of these difficulties is the existence of a “male ego”

Most men do not recognize the term "male ego" , and do not see such manifestations in themselves. However, women have learned from time to time not only to cope with all male faults, but also to make them look like themselves. This article describes what a male ego is, how to manage a male and how to set up a male ego , if necessary. Read on.

What does "the relationship between the individual and the community" mean? 

The society accepts the relatively already established stereotypes and norms, approaching each person under them and giving a definite estimate. In the case of the "male ego", there are also some principles that govern the society in relation to the individual. What does this mean? What should a woman know? More:

It is important to indicate to yourself that this is a "male ego":

  • Of course, one can refer to the opinions of psychologists and philosophers, such as, for example, Sigmund Freyd . He distinguishes two constituents of the ego - "Super-ego" (Super-I) and "Id" (Ono - is used to denote a part of the mind, which contains the primitive tempting impulses, impulses).
  • The concept of "Super-ego" consists in how a person sees and perceives himself and how he is exposed to the unintended influence of the community.
  • In its turn, "Id" represents all human needs, and in this case, the focus is more on the physical shell.

Gender poles have already been formed in the community, and there is no way to change them:

  • Gender poles by themselves represent a set of stereotypes about what a man should do and how he should do and what should be done.
  • From these same considerations, a certain set of qualities inherent in men, and, consequently, and his "ego" is cut out.
  • Almost all men strive to comply with these established standards and the corresponding machine standards are “happy” owners of the “male ego” .

The main qualities of the owners of the "male ego":

  • Of course, a man is susceptible to the influence of society and because of this he tries to correspond to imposed ideals.
  • A man is expected to be reliable, efficient and stable, and no one does anything until his emotional state.
  • Especially the tendency to devalue male problems is noted in USA. 
 The fact that a man does not want to fit himself up to some standards is quite normal:
  • Many men are quite comfortable to find somewhere "in the middle" and do not pursue ideals.
  • For him, ideals can be completely different, and a man prefers to follow his own, rather than pursuing unattainable goals.

What is a "male ego" ? Read on.

The male ego: what is it in simple words?

To denote the "male ego" , it is necessary to start with the concept of "ego" . What is it in simple words?

  • Ego is a person's understanding of his present "I" .
  • In other words, this is how a person perceives himself in relation to the rest of society.
  • Women should remember how important "ego" is in a man's life and how easy it is to take him out of the state of equality.

By its own nature, it is precisely this that determines its social role, therefore, what kind of man is in reality, and what role he plays in the interest of others, will also choose what to do.

Alter ego in men: what is it?

Alter ego - the perception of yourself as a person with two types of personalities. They can be completely opposite, but, nevertheless, get along in one person. There are several types of "alter ego" , the most common of which are:

  • Feminine
  • Male
  • Dark 
 Let's sort each of them separately.

Some men have a so-called "female alter ego " . The state when men take on the role of women and feel themselves quite comfortable in this role. For example, they happily perform homemade chops, such as cleaning, cooking and so on. They love to keep track of their appearance and the latest fashion trends and generally be interested in many things that are generally attributed to "women" by the society. Some even cannot resist their "alter ego" and become transgender (a person who defines himself as a gender that is opposed to positive data) from birth.

The dark alter ego is a set of negative qualities inherent in a person and, as a rule, does not stand out in real, everyday life. It is very important to keep the balance inside yourself and not let the “second me”, negative prevail over you. We all have skeletons in the closet and a secret (personal) life. However, if it can somehow (emotionally or physically) harm you or those around you, then it is worth paying careful attention to your inner state. Many psychologists advise, in such a case, to use all the negative from the second person for a free-to-play rate, and in everyday life not to allow emotions.

The male alter of the ego of women: what does it mean?

As well as in men, women also have cases of the "male alter ego" (and such cases are much greater than in men). Many women feel themselves inconveniently from the imposed stereotypes of the behavior of women in society. They don’t want to walk in the shoes, paint and be fragile and dependent on men, on the contrary, it is not important for them to be decisive, brave, undisturbed. And she can only embody all these qualities, being in the guise of her “alter ego” . Cases of "male alter ego" among women are met quite often, even among famous personalities.

Yes, for example:

  • Lady Gaga in 2010 appeared on the carpet in the form of a young man and called herself Joe.
  • The behavior of the artist and her "alter ego" attracted the attention of the public, since Joe, to put it mildly, was leading himself to an inappropriate event (smoked right in the building, drinking beer and drinking) 

 Alter ego" can be with any person and manifest itself in all sudden and unexpected ways, even for the owner himself. More often than not, people with creative professions (writers, artists, actors and so on) suffer from personal disarray. But it does not always bode well. Sometimes a person's condition can deteriorate as physically (infirmity, weakness, loss of appetite), as well as psycho-logical (abrupt and unreasonable stress change) In the extreme case, a person can even develop schizophrenia - this is a heavy form of personal development, which leads to the development of thinking, to the point of


How to manage a male, male ego: psychology, advice

There are a few tips from psychologists who allow women to use little tricks to get what they want from a man. How to manage a male, male ego? What does psychology say about this? Consider each piece of advice in more detail:

  • According to social preferences, a man should not have emoji as a priori

It is a fact that women are not a secret of men’s emotions. However, some people think that men shouldn't show their emotions at all. Because of such prejudices, many men have learned to hide their true emotions and put on a mantle of indifference again, even in the most difficult situations for them, like, for example, when it’s close. However, there are contradictions here too. For a man, an acceptable emotion is anger and irritation, and otherwise it is precisely behind aggression that a man's powerlessness is hidden. It is important for a woman to understand and accept a man as he is, with all his emotions and weaknesses. Also, if a man does not show any emotions at all, take it as an obstacle through which you need to go in order to achieve understanding.

  • Destroy myths and stereo thinking about poles of both sexes

You shouldn't forget about the boss - we are all people, both men and women. Therefore, all these general distributions imposed by the society are just insane ideas of the same people as we are, and it should not be taken as a guide to action. It is important to think of a man as a person, and not as a person related to the male sex. A man may not like sports, but love the pink color, and this is quite normal. It's all about preferences.

  • Try to understand and accept a man

Very often in the heat of the heat of women, they are surprised and even disturbed by the behavior of men, which makes them angry and distraught even more. At such moments, it is important not to give emotions and try to look at this as another manifestation of the "male ego". For example, when it seems to you that a man is undermined by you and, in general, a woman’s sex, remember that he is a man and that he doesn’t completely work on the brain. Also, his future experience and models of behavior of men with whom he grew up and spent a lot of time can be said. All this forms our views, and the fact is that in the heat of the rage, you can curb your dignity and go to the company. This speaks only of your wisdom, but in no way - weakness. Just someone should be the first to contact and start a conversation. In the course of a conversation, all problems are solved.

  • Correctly practice his sense of humor and feed during conversation

Everyone knows that women and men have a different sense of humor. And this is not because women are dumber than men. The difference in humor proves only that the worldview of women and men is different. Do not rush to take offense at, possibly, vulgar and inappropriate jokes from the side of a man. He is just a habit to think so and if you want to get from it, take the first step to meet and talk from them, explaining your position.

  • Get to know the person from A to Z.

The more we get to know a person, the more understanding and ability to smooth corners comes from. Of course, it will take time and sometimes it takes months, and then years. But you shouldn't forget that the more difficulties you go through together, the stronger the relationship is in the future.

The most fragile male ego on earth: is it possible to laugh at the male ego, the most frequent mistakes of women

“Male ego” is a reflection of the male “I” . This is the most stupid thing on earth. A woman, hurting a man's ego, not only lowers his self-esteem, but also undermines confidence in herself and even in your relationships. Is it possible to laugh over a man's ego? Of course, no. It is necessary to very neatly inform the man about his any shortcomings and go around the sharp corners.

The most frequent mistakes of women in relation to the "male ego" :

  • Make a note to him publicly. A woman, expressing her displeasure about men in public, naively thinks that he will become embarrassed and he will immediately recover. However, the effect will sooner be directly opposite. He can not only insult you, but also stop accepting you as an authoritative person. It is not necessary to "take out the crap from the hut." The golden rule of healthy relationships, with the help of which you can avoid the appearance of many new conflicts.
  • Memories of a former young man. The past is on that and the past, which does not need to be remembered every day, otherwise you risk losing many new opportunities that will give you a happy future. This also works with the mention of the former partner. Your man perfectly understands that he is not the first one with whom you were in love. However, recalling the former partner, and yes even in a positive key, you risk significantly lowering the partner's sample, because of which the winners of the winners may come across
  • Disputes with men. Instead of striving to be always right and keeping your point of view until the last, it is better to let the men down and not try to persuade him. So, you will not only show that the man is in charge in relations, but you will also look wiser.

As you can see everything is simple. But it happens so that it is necessary to set the male ego. How to do it correctly, read on.

How to set up a male ego, if you need: tips

It is worth noting that all the "errors" described above can also be used to hit a man and his ego. There are times in life when it is needed. For example, a man has an inappropriate attitude towards you and you want to let it be understood that this is unacceptable. So, if you need to do it, here are the tips:

  • Try to take his place in relation to

Sometimes a woman begins to show her masculine qualities and pull out his rightful place as the "head of the family." There is nothing left for a man, except how to take on women's responsibilities and leave his social zone of comfort. 

  • Constant comparisons

Girls often discuss their men with each other, and everyone wants to show her man in the best light. However, when a man does not correspond to the status of his partners, charges may start against his young man. This causes a feeling of guilt for the inability to change and brings down all the quality of a man. The fact that a girl thinks that a man is in some way better, strongly influences trust and relations as a whole.

  • Lack of intimate life

When a girl rejects a man in one of the most important constituents of a relationship, a man begins to doubt himself, to ripen her, and his experiences are not intended. Likewise, a woman refuses men to try to create this uncertainty for their sexual purposes, or have problems in their desires, or in the need for solutions

Getting to know yourself as a man

When a man realizes his role and copes with it perfectly, there is no problem. However, it does not always happen the way we want it, and a man cannot guarantee the fulfillment of all the tasks entrusted to him. From here and there appears stress and the draining of the "male ego" , which cannot be admitted categorically. It is important to come to know yourself as a man. Therefore, the understanding and acceptance of the concept of gender differences is necessary for a man.

There are 3 ways to develop relationships between men and society:

  1. A man can succumb and fall under the influence of "crowd" . He will change his beliefs to please the strangers, even if he has to completely change his worldview and habits.
  2. The man refuses to follow the instructions of the society and fills himself in the frame . He is quite satisfied with his position and does not want to change his life because of the stereotypical thinking of those around him. To choose this particular path, a man must have a tough character and the ability to keep his point of view. It is for this reason that a few are coped with the burden placed on them.
  3. A man, by his own example, changes the generally accepted notions of society and shows the alternative of a “real man” . It is worth noting, however, that this is a difficult process, which takes a lot of time and he does not need to do it alone. 

 Remember: There is always something to strive for. A stable man, of course, good, but even better than a man who strives to become the best version of himself and develops over time.

You can self-develop in different ways (from reading books to attending trainings and different courses). You just need to be a discreet and curious person. Therefore, self-realization and self-development are important concepts for every representative of the strong half of humanity.

Tip: The help of a specialist can help you at any moment. Even men are depressed and crushed. If you feel that the pressure from the outside of the community is too strong, and you are quite unable to manage, the best option would be to turn to a psychologist.

Men themselves, until the end, still do not understand how to live in harmony with their inner "I" , and women have a superior task - to understand their boyfriend or husband. Try to direct him in the sense of yourself. It is worth noting that a real woman is always in the shadows and does not speak about her "advances" to men, giving this the right to be a decent person.