We change our attitude to health when the body starts giving alarming signals. And of course, at this moment, thoughts arise that some things should have been done when you were 20. 

If youth knew: 5 habits of 20-year-olds that will have a bad effect on health after 40


Despite the fact that the body has a large resource and, in response to a careful attitude towards it, can restore the impaired functions, it is impossible to roll back some processes. What should you pay attention to at the age of 20, so that at 40 you do not face the fact that the consequences are irreversible?

1. Sweet in the diet

Eating refined sugar and other fast carbohydrates will sooner or later affect your health and appearance. The massive release of insulin that follows every candy or cake eaten makes the body's cells "defend" against it. Gradually, they become insensitive to this hormone. This is how insulin resistance occurs, leading to an increased concentration of insulin in the blood plasma. Combined with other factors, this leads to type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. But the very first signs will be acne and hair loss. Also, polycystic ovary syndrome will soon manifest itself, which will entail a decrease in reproductive functions. 

2. Love for fried, smoked, caramelized

When you eat dishes cooked with the help of a high temperature and have an appetizing dark crust, know that you are loading your body with substances that age you. Glycation products tend to change the structure of the extracellular matrix, making it rigid. It is because of this the skin ceases to be elastic, wrinkles appear, and it is no longer possible to fix it. In the same way, glycation products act on muscles and joints - they tan, become inflexible and inactive. It is glycation products that are the main killers of youth. By the way, another source of them is the sugar already mentioned above, which our own body converts into these substances.

3. Lack of attention to deficits 

For the full functioning of the body, everything should be enough. This is especially true for vitamins, micro- and macroelements. It is important to control this balance by regularly taking tests and adjusting your diet in accordance with the results. It is rare to find a girl who has been doing this since her youth. But each deficit has its own consequences, and they are not always reversible. For example, according to the WHO, from anemia more than 30% of the world's population suffers . And many do not even suspect they have iron deficiency. At the same time, because of it, hair thinns, the functions of the brain, liver and other organs are disrupted.

4. Hard diets

By the way, strict diets can be the most common cause of deficiencies. Young girls adore them. Moreover, in 20 years, almost all diets are effective. Kilos go easily, but they come back just as easily. With each diet, it becomes more and more difficult to lose weight, metabolism is disrupted, hormonal disruptions begin. The gastrointestinal tract is particularly affected. Due to starvation or lack of fat in the diet, bile stagnates in the gallbladder and stones form. The intestinal microflora is disturbed, there are swelling, problems with stool. All this is reflected on the skin with rashes, peeling, acne. Immunity decreases, against this background infectious diseases begin, which have a huge range of consequences, often irreversible.


5. Sleep disturbance

Everyone knows that you have to go to bed one day and wake up the next. But who remembers this at 20? And it would be worth it, because over the years, going to bed at dawn and lack of sleep will affect your health and appearance. Sleep hormone - melatonin is produced precisely in the dark and is an antioxidant - it absorbs free oxygen radicals, which "age" the body. A lack of melatonin also stimulates the body's production of glycation products. which we talked about above. Therefore, a healthy sleep at night is health and beauty for many years.