How to increase the area of ​​an apartment without radical measures - will tell Yunona Hoser, decorator of the show "Day for Decor" on the STS Love TV channel. 

How to visually enlarge a room with decor: 9 tips from an expert


1 Determine what is in the room

Make a list of what you don't like in the room and what gets in the way, so it will be easier to start making changes. Save the pictures that inspire or apply the tips below. When there is a plan, changes will not be long in coming.

2 Breakdown

No amount of decor will make a room cozier if it contains a lot of old things and furniture that is broken and not functional. See what can be updated, repaired, painted or changed handles



3 Arrangement of furniture

It's like the skeleton of an interior. Very often there is no competent zoning, and the brain does not understand: where is the work area, and where is the rest area. This often leads to burnout and irritation, but why would you want to? 

Now there are a lot of free programs (for example, Planner 5d or Home design), in which you can arrange the dimensions of furniture in advance and see what fits and what does not. Try to position the furniture in the center, rather than along the walls, this may free up more space.

4 Small details

They create visual noise and the room appears smaller. M O you should put things in shoe boxes, glue them with beautiful wrapping paper or buy plain ones. Trays with candles, cosmetics or flowers also look beautiful.


Small details

5. Zoning 

Divide the room into a recreation and work area. This can be done with curtains, a beautiful screen, or a rack. Now many sites have instructions on how to do it yourself. You can also purchase ready-made solutions.

6. Light and dark colors visually enlarge the space

You can paint the wall and ceiling one color and the remaining three walls another. As a compromise between light and dark - a very nice gradient solution, so you make the room taller or wider. The transition can be from the ceiling to the floor or located horizontally from one wall to another (if the ceilings are high and the room is narrow).


Light and dark colors visually enlarge the space

7. Vertical stripes make the room taller and horizontal stripes wider

It is not at all necessary to make them on the whole wall. You can separate one of the zones with stripes, and other part of the room paint the in a solid color . Don't be afraid to recolor old wallpapers and mix colors. For example, we take one color as a basis, and paint the stripes in another, and instead of the usual stripes, you can glue moldings or slats on the wall.

8. Mirrors

You can glue the mirror onto double-sided tape and make the room not only wider, but also organize a beauty zone there. And in the classics: a floor mirror, located on the wall, enlarges the space and adds light. If the budget is limited, then you can make a panel of several mirrors and use moldings instead of a frame. 



9. Lighting

Table and floor lamps create a special atmosphere and make the room brighter and larger. I recommend using a warmer light in the recreation area, colder in the work area. To make a floating bed or ceiling, you can arrange LED lighting.