How to make masquerade eye masks with your own hands for the New Year: step by step instructions. How to decorate a masquerade mask: ideas, photos

Would you like to make an original macaque poppy with your own hands on a new carnival? Look for instructions in the article and repeat. 

The new year is always fast, and, for the most part, in the midst of working days, we cannot keep up with it. We do everything fueled, quickly, consistently adjusting the time and attention to the preparation and cleaning in front of the celebration.  

You will all succeed! The best is to single out one day for yourself, feel the atmosphere of a party, magic and new magic. Enjoy the silence, or create a warm company of friends and staff, and make the macaroni masks by yourself. And how to do it correctly, with what to start and how to make a scent on the eye, is described in the article below. Read on. 

Poppy seed on the eyes from a carton for children with their own hands for a New Year - how to do: step-by-step instructions


Poppy on the eye from the carton

Elementary and most convenient variation of making a paint for the little one at home. Parents do not need half a day to make it, and also do not have to run to the office store for material, because everything you need is already in your home. So, how to make a poppy eye makeup out of a carton for children with your own hands for the New Year?

Everything you need for the process:

  • MAIN MATERIAL - thick paper, cardboard, corrugated cardboard
  • RUBBER TAPE / thread
  • MARKERS / markers / carandash
  • Glitter 




  1. Take the source material (sheet card, corrugated card or other thick paper) f. A4.
  2. Fold it in half.
  3. Take the finish. knives.
  4. Using gentle movements with the help of it, cut holes for the eyes, starting from the size of the person who will put on the poppy.
  5. Hole or finish Use your foot to carefully make holes on the side of both sides for attaching a thread / rubber thread, which will allow the product to be held on the face.
  6. After all the performed actions, decorate your handicraft as you want. 

Done! Now you can safely send your child to the carnival.

Bright poppy for a girl with her own hands for a New Year in the style of Rio de Janeiro: instructions, how to decorate? 

Bright poppy for girls

Have you dreamed of going to a carnival holiday in Brazilia, dressing in a bright image and dancing and laughing from your soul, but you could not imagine that? Do not worry, but better, make yourself a poppy seed for the New Year and make a wish. Maybe this and will be your long-awaited carnival in the style of Rio de Janeiro . Such a bright accessory, made with your own hands, will suit a girl for a suit for the New Year. The little beauty will definitely come to taste such an outfit, because it is original and beautiful.

Tools, materials and everything necessary for the manufacture of an accessory:

  • A sample of a dish, find it just at the trade points of the holiday theme, if you do not want to spend money, then the sample can be made. To do this, you need to cut the blank out of the paper sheet according to the template and transfer it to a felt cloth or thick cardboard.
  • Feathers in various shades - red, pink, yellow and blue
  • Rhinestones
  • Glitter
  • Scissors / finish foot / hole
  • Tape
  • Toothpick 


  • Prepare a sample of the beak using the template below. Print it, cut it out. Transfer to felt or thick cardboard. 
Template to poppy

  • Think of a design as an accessory.
  • How to decorate? Drink some food, shiny elements with glue and a simple toothpick. Dip it into an adhesive base, connect it with the selected material (stray) and apply on the product. 
Decorating the beak

  • Also, use a superglue to apply feathers to the product, alternating shades.
  • The arrangement of these elements is absolutely individual and depends on your fantasy.
  • But remember that the number of feathers must be reasonable so that the accessory is easy to put on. 
Decorating the beak

  • Make holes for the string with scissors, a utility knife or a hole punch, whatever is more convenient for you.
  • Pass the ribbon through the resulting holes and secure it.
  • Leave the glue to dry.

Now you can wear it. The result is stylish, bright and beautiful. 

Felt poppy with your own hands for New Year: instructions 


Felt poppy with own hands

On the second half of December, preschoolers and schoolchildren, as well as adults, gather together and celebrate the New Year. The matinee is one of the first events in the life of kids. How can you go to it in a boring and uninteresting way? Of course, no! In order to diversify the image of the kid, to make it irregular and fashionable, make a macadam mousse from felt material with your own hands. This is a dense fabric, which by its characteristics is similar to wool. But felt will be more pleasant for the skin of children, due to the greater softness. So, let's start making a beautiful and creative object. 

Everything you need to make an accessory:

  • Material - felt or wool
  • Pattern (pattern)
  • Paper sheet or A4 card
  • Threads / rubber band
  • Scissors
  • Sequins / strands / shiny elements
  • Crafts


  1. We make a pattern, which will serve us as a template for the future accessory. The stencil of the cat's eye can be found in the text above.
  2. We transfer the resulting sample to a paper or card and cut it out.
  3. We take the source material - felt or wool, and we carve out the future image, for example, the muzzle of the cat.
  4. For different details of the muzzle, we use different colors of the fabric, so that the poppy was interesting and colorful.
  5. Place the parts in their place.
  6. Sew them with your hands or at SW. the machine, the distance from the edge of the contour should not exceed 2 millimeters.
  7. Punch holes on the sides and thread / rubber bands so that the accessory can be put on.


Decorate the received product with paints, or add some straz, sequins, shine, ribbon at your discretion. But you can do without it.

Poppy seed poppy for hand sculpting: instructions

Poppy from mass for modeling

Authentic and original - that's what you can say about the mackerel mousse from the mousse for the sculpting. In children, many went to the circle, where they taught us to sculpt interesting figures of animals, vases, etc. from clay. Perhaps you still have this skill, why not check and remember the pleasant moments of the child. Making this accessory with your own hands well relaxes, relaxes the nervous system, helps to keep all things going and want to look back, wake up

Everything you need to make an accessory:

  • Material for modeling
  • Thick paper sheet f. A4 or cardboard, corrugated cardboard
  • Kants. scissors
  • Pattern
  • Kants. foot, scissors or hole punch
  • Acrylic paints of different colors: yellow, violet, pink, green, etc.
  • Shiny elements 


Prepare a template, cut it out of paper sheet or other thick material (cardboard). For example, here's a good way to go: 



It is possible to make a product completely on all person on such stencil: 



Or execute the accessory in the form of an animal: 


A cat in the form of an animal

  • The method of manufacturing this type of product is more laborious and calculated for a few long time, unlike other types of this decoration. Therefore, set aside the necessary time for the manufacturing process.
  • Roll the stucco mass with a kitchen swivel with a thin layer, not exceeding in thickness. 3-4 mm.
  • Spread the sample on top of the resulting mass and carefully cut along the contour with a foot or finish. scissors.
  • Make holes in the sides for the rubber thread / thread with scissors or a round hole.
  • Create a sample of the face for the beak.
  • Lift the swab from the top with gentle movements and place it on the sample that has not been received.
  • Leave it to dry for 20-24 hours.
  • When drying the product, do not use hot air or steamers, as this may damage the product, it will crack. 


When the future accessory has fully hardened, show the originality, decorate it according to your taste with acrylic paints of different colors or decorate with shining elements, with a pre-dressing coat.

Cloth poppy with own hands for New Year: instructions 

Cloth poppy

Can't find a card or paper sheet to use? Excellent alternative fabric. In every house there are residues or unnecessary things that are a pity to throw away. Do the tidiness, get rid of the superfluous, but at the same time, and find an interesting fabric in your wardrobe. The way it will serve as a handy material in solid beginnings. So, we make a macadam poppy of fabric with our own hands for New Year.

All necessary for the manufacture of the product:

  • Fabric (fleece)
  • Pattern
  • Threads, ribbons of any color
  • Rubber band
  • Stationery scissors, hole-punch
  • Dyes on fabric / rhinestones / sequins


Here are the patterns-cuttings of animals: 








  1. Take the material that will serve as the basis for the future product.
  2. Cut out of this material two pieces that are identical in shape and size.
  3. Sew the received elements with a seam on the machine.
  4. Download and turn outwards partly.
  5. Use scissors or a hole to punch holes for the rubber tape.
  6. Insert the rubber band into the resulting holes.
  7. Sew the garment again on the outside edge. 
A chicken in the form of an animal


Decorate the accessory with sequins, diamonds, or paint it with paints in the style of a bat, give free rein to your creative start. The result is very beautiful.

Macaradnaya poppy in the technique of the papier-mash with his own hands: instructions

Macaradnaya poppy in the technique of a papier-mash with his own hands


Papier-mashe is an easy-to-prepare material that is used to cover various surfaces. Why not try to get away from the usual ways of making similar accessories, but learn something new and interesting. Papier-mashe is a common material, but far from everything worked with him. Therefore, the curious should try this method of manufacturing the product. So, let's make a macadam poppy in the technique of a papier-mash with our own hands.

Tools, materials and everything necessary for the manufacture of the product:

  • Standard air balloons
  • Container for mixing glue - a larger volume desired
  • Vazelin - you can buy it at any pharmacy in your locality
  • PVA glue, superglue, preference can be given to any of them
  • Water in tanks
  • Thick sheet of paper
  • Colored paints: watercolor, acrylic or gouache
  • Stationery scissors


  1. Inflate the balloon, so that its shape has acquired a circle of small size (the size of the balloon must match the size of the person's face, which is intended).
  2. Cut the sheet (paper) with small pieces with scissors.
  3. Выбранный клей: PVA or superclay, dilute the water 2: 1.
  4. Lubricate the inflated ball with Vaseline, so that the paper does not stick to the ball material.
  5. Connect small papers with adhesive mixture.
  6. This sticky mass should completely cover the ball, and then each layer.
  7. Cover the ball with paper, if desired, in 4 layers.
  8. Put the pieces of paper in the right place to get nose and mouth. Form them before the paper is dry.
  9. Give the ball and paper time to dry.
  10. After drying, sprinkle the ball, which is laid out under the paper.
  11. Next, slightly cut the prepared paper sample into two identical parts of the finish. with a knife or scissors.
  12. Make holes for the eyes, nose and mouth.
  13. Slip the thread / rubber eye tape over the sides.

Decorate the product with colored paints. Done. See in the video below how the mother makes such a mask. 

Carnival mask on a stick on a carnival with your own hands: instruction 

Masquerade mask on a stick at the carnival


Fans of historical films, for sure, dream of being in the era of the past. The time of lush dresses, minuets and balls is the dream of every girl. So, why wouldn’t feel like a heroine of foreign novels and not plunge into the time of romance, sophistication and grace. Let's make it on a stick with your hands.

Tools, materials and everything necessary for the manufacture of the product:

  • Material - it can be absolutely anything you like: wool, paper, card, the choice will depend only on personal preferences and tastes
  • A stick with which the poppy can hold the accessory
  • Clay
  • Stationery scissors
  • Rubber band
  • Paints: acrylic, watercolor, gouache
  • Circles, glitters


  • Roll the selected material (paper, cardboard or lint) a few times, so that the product is damaged.
  • Glue or stitch these layers.
  • Take a stick and attach it to the product.
  • Wait for the adhesive to dry.
  • With the help of kants. cut holes for the eyes with scissors. 
Masquerade mask on a stick at the carnival


Decorate the accessory with paint. Decorate in any specific style or cover the product with glitter, rhinestones or swirls. Apply all this on a layer of glue that was previously applied to the product.

Lace masquerade mask with your own hands for the New Year: instructions 

Circled poppy

Circled poppy

Do you want to look graceful, refined and refined? The circle masca is an ideal option that can give your outfit a style and fashionable accent. It can be made of various materials, including those presented above, but it will differ in its tone and femininity. So, we make a circle mascara with our own hands for New Year.

Everything you need to make this poppy:

  • Thread and needle
  • Scissors
  • Dense material base
  • Circular fabrics
  • Shiloh
  • Cardboard
  • Tape or rubber band
  • Glitter, sequins 


  • Using a pencil or pen, draw the template on a piece of paper. It is possible to use the same trophies that were published above.
  • Attach it to the card and indicate the future shape for the poppy.
  • Glue the fabric to the cardboard pattern.
  • Wait for the glue to dry and cut out a sample.
  • Get rid of excess fabric, remove unevenness.
  • Glue to the product in a circle and cut off excess parts of the material, leaving the sample.
  • Distribute the resulting poppy, add sequins or glitter.
  • Make holes for attaching the rubber band with an awl or other convenient tool and use it to attach it to the product. 
Circled poppy


Now your party will surely become unforgettable! Collective photos in poppies will become an excellent gift for new party for all family and friends, and will help to collect hundreds of likes, positive comments in social media. Happy New Year!

How to draw a mascara on a masquerade: idea, photo

So, your poppy seed is ready. It remained only to come up with an interesting decoration for her, so that in macarad you were the most inexorable. Here are the ideas and photos: 

We decorate the poppy with Fatina and Straz

We decorate the poppy with satal flowers and strains

We decorate the mackerel with mugs and strains
We decorate the poppy with feathers, fatin and stras

We decorate the poppy with organza and strains

We decorate the mask

Decorate the mask with glitter

We decorate the poppy with colored cloth

We decorate the poppy with colored paper, paints