Everyone has financial problems, but of a different scale: one person barely has enough for food, for another - for a new yacht. Our tips will help those in the first category.

How to live if you have money problems now: 5 life hacks

Reasons for financial difficulties

Finding solutions is easier if you know the reasons for your problems!

1. You have a limp or lack of financial discipline

One of the main traits of rich people is the ability to manage money wisely, and not mindlessly spend it. Tethose who possess financial discipline create a "safety cushion".It allows you to survive monetary difficulties when changing jobs and other unforeseen circumstances. Even with small incomes, you can save 5-10% "in the stash."

2. You constantly live on credit

The main trap of credit money is the huge overpayment of interest. Do not take loans for "Wishlist" (such as a new phone model): either save money or live within your means... It is worth taking a loan for really important things, for example, for an apartment . 

3. You constantly borrow money from friends and acquaintances

Do not forget to give money on time if you take it from other people. DO subconscious lies take up a lot of energy and make it difficult to focus on the main thing - increasing income.

How to solve money problems

1. Change your attitude to finance

The main mistake of young girls is that with the first income, financial "appetites" begin to grow (and not always proportionally). There is nothing wrong with that if you know how to earn even more. If not, then remember the rule: you manage money, not vice versa. 

You can spend money on empty entertainment and one-day things, and then complain about the authorities, your boss and colleagues. Instead, it's better to invest in your development and education....

2. Control petty expenses

Everyone knows that "the devil is in the little things." It is small expenses that can significantly empty your wallet.The best way to control cash flow is to keep a budget. 

Try to enter all income and expenses in a special application or notebook within a month. Then analyze what you can refuse in the next month, put the surplus on the "airbag". 

3. Miracles do not happen

Yes, there are times when people win large sums of money in the lottery. But, let's be honest, there is a one in a million chance. As the saying goes: “Trust in God, but don’t make a mistake yourself!”. Stop waiting for a miracle, strive to become a professional in your field and do not get into loans for the sake of momentary pleasures. 

4. Don't be afraid to change your life

No, you shouldn't immediately quit your unloved job: look for opportunities and change your life gradually... Think about what you would like to make a living with. Perhaps you have an interesting hobby or special talent in some area. Start taking your first steps now, rejoice in small victories and do not expect big incomes right away. 

5. Remember to share

Psychologists and esotericists believe: in order to increase income, you must first give part of the money to those in need. Evenwith small incomes, you can donate 100 or 200 rubles per month to charity... Try it, it suddenly works! But don't forget about the previous 4 points.