How to get rid of cockroaches in an apartment

We will talk about how to permanently get rid of domestic cockroaches in an apartment and a house in this article. You will learn both chemical and natural remedies for these insects. Their invasion often extends not to a specific apartment, but to the whole house. Therefore, if you are "lucky" to have an apartment in such a house, then it will be very difficult to get rid of cockroaches forever. But you can drive them out of your territory for a long time.

In general, there are thousands of them, but the most popular in our strip are only 2, these are red. It is worth getting rid of cockroaches forever not only because they look disgusting and interfere with your life, but also because they are carriers of various infectious diseases. 

The reasons for the appearance of cockroaches in the apartment

You live for yourself, you live quietly, and then at night you go to the kitchen to drink some water, and then bang - the cockroach runs away into its crack, it's unpleasant, very unpleasant. I personally divide the reasons for the appearance of cockroaches into several groups.

  • They are already in the house - and on top of that, all your neighbors have, and then it's a matter of time before they get to you, through the ventilation or through the cracks between the walls. We will analyze the methods of dealing with this type of problem below, but the point is that simply destroying those who resort will not help, new ones will come. 
  • Unsanitary conditions - when the apartment is dirty, leftovers of food are constantly lying around and other things that follow from here, beetles can start by themselves. Just keep your home clean and the percentage of these insects will be lower. 
  •  Humidity - Prussians love water and by blocking their access to moisture, you can frighten them with this.

What remedies for cockroaches are

The first thing that comes to people's minds how to start fighting cockroaches is to buy various products from the Prussians and start starving. So, what are the means, let's see.

  • Cockroach gel is a ready-made product, in a tube or syringe. It helps quite well. But it must be used in conjunction with other methods of struggle;
  • Cockroach traps - there are different types, some infect an individual, then it transfers the infection to others, there are sticky traps when insects run to smell and stick inside the house;


  1. Aerosol is also an effective remedy, but children and animals should be isolated before starting the procedure. Then wash all household items;
  2. Crayons from cockroaches - will allow you to fence off an attack on water or food, but you have to live in a lined apartment, not very pleasant.
  3. Boric acid is a very effective remedy. 


There are other ways of dealing with the Prussians that take a different approach. Let's talk about them below.

Cockroaches in the apartment - how to get rid of

As you may have already guessed, there is no one specific way to combat pests, you need to use a set of methods that will allow you to get rid of them forever. What to do when the Prussians are in the apartment.

Proceed in stages. Limit access to water, cleanliness, get rid of the remnants of food lying in the kitchen, then start removing nasty insects.

In addition to cleanliness and dryness, I would also recommend finding the Prusak loopholes, if possible, and blocking the passages leading from the neighbors. This can be ventilation, the outlet of which can be smeared with both gel, crayons, and a composition of boric acid with egg yolk. Better yet, all together in order, so that they definitely do not pass.

Boric acid from cockroaches 

The most famous, effective and most democratic method of controlling cockroaches is boric acid. It can be used in different ways. The acid itself is sold in the pharmacy, in powder form, it is not expensive, so anyone can afford it.

Boric acid cockroach traps are just gruel or hard balls that you mold. The composition is very simple, raw egg yolk and boric acid powder itself, the more powder you add, the thicker the consistency will be. Blind small balls and place them where the Prussians most often live: under the sink, in kitchen cabinets, in the bathroom.

Children and animals should stay away from this product. If there is no guarantee that the child or pet will not use boric acid, it is better to refuse this method.


How to get rid of cockroaches in an apartment forever

There is an opinion that if these same Prussians are wound up in the house, then it will never work to get rid of the Prussians in the apartment forever. Since they can return from your neighbors even after a few years. Insect repellents may end their effect, all barriers disappear and have to be expelled again. 

Even having tried all the means, it is still impossible to say with firm certainty that cockroaches will never return. But there are also positive aspects, you can drive them out of your house for several years, and live in peace. In order to destroy the Prussians forever, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive cleaning of the entire house, where all the residents will participate, plus, in addition, to do chemical treatment of the basements and, if necessary, attics.

So it's up to you which method to choose, they are for every taste.

Folk remedies for cockroaches

Since cockroaches have a very well-developed sense of smell, basically all the means to combat them are tied to strong and pungent odors, it is believed that they scare them away, but this is not always the case, let's in order:

  • Boric acid and borax - does not belong to odors, but it is considered a very effective remedy, as we have already said, you just need to scatter the powder on the floor and the cockroaches will leave;
  • Get yourself a geranium - this is an indoor flower that I think everyone knows, it has a pungent smell and will drive off cockroaches from the territory of the apartment, but this method can be used as prevention, not a method of direct fight;


  1. A trap for cockroaches made from onions and oil - everything is simple here, put a cup, chop onions in it, and coat the walls of the cup with oil to lubricate the loops or just machine, put it in the kitchen overnight and voila, cockroaches run to the smell of onions, fall into the cup, but they can't get out anymore;
  2. Ammonium - can be purchased at a pharmacy for cheap, as the people advise, you need to pour a little ammonia into a jar and put it in a cozy place under the sink;
  3. Feverfew - or simply chamomile inflorescences - are used to make traps.

Use our tips in the fight against cockroaches, and after a while they will be gone.