Most likely, the very first woman on Earth thought about the problem of being overweight and the need to lose weight. But she hardly knew that it could be done with normal (though not quite) breathing.

How to breathe to lose weight (yes it is possible)

Epochs, standards of beauty are changing: weight, height, thinness, splendor ... All this cannot be compared with the main factor - health. There are no miraculous ways to lose weight on the Internet: and if there can and will be some benefit from having sex 7 times a day, then it is unlikely that from a plastic patch on the tongue, which will cause pain at every meal.

And what torments women are ready to subject themselves to in pursuit of the burning eyes of men and the envious glances of their rivals. Come on all the samedo not forget that we live in the 21st century... And what for most today seems to be the norm and reality (for example, breathing exercises in combination with strength physical exercises , with the help of which people lose up to 60 kg of fat), for many still remains something unreal and impossible. 

The power of correct breathing

Twenty years of my practical activity, I shout: “Our body is smarter than us, it invented everything! The secret of harmony has been found - you have to breathe and perform exercises in statodynamics. " If after training in the gym you do not feel lightness and a surge of energy, you should definitely try it.

Having started to study deeply breathing techniques combined with physical exercises, performed in an unusual for us statodynamics mode, and their effect on the body, I absolutely consciously connected myself with breathing exercises for weight loss and left fitness. Since none of his directions gave such a colossal effect for me.

When you find yourself in a difficult situation, what is the first thing your body and brain tell you? That's right -  calm down and breathe . Diaphragmatic breathing and statodynamic exercises create controlled stress for the body, which triggers the secretion of fat-burning hormones. This is necessary in order for the fat to be spent.

Without realizing it, we we work in a team with our body at the cellular level: during diaphragmatic breathing, during inhalation, the abdomen is inflated, during exhalation, it is drawn in. This makes the main muscle responsible for the flat stomach - the transverse muscle - pull up and work. Unlike fitness and swinging the press, where it is practically not involved. The work of the diaphragm itself (in fact, a large muscle) burns another 15% of fat due to active work during breathing cycles. 

How it works

Look at the formula for fat oxidation: FAT + O2 = CO2 + H2O + Energy. To understand: in order for the fat to go away and the fat we breathe out (see the formula - this is carbon dioxide, water and heat), we need oxygen. Back in the 18th century, Lavoisier, the founder of modern chemistry, established:to burn some substance, including fat, you need to spend a certain amount of oxygen... And there is no difference where it takes place - in a chemical flask or in an organism cell. 

If all the processes occurring in our body are decomposed into components, then we will just see that the result of respiratory exercises (diaphragmatic breathing) in combination with physical activity in statodynamics is nothing more than a series of regular chemical reactions that save us from unnecessary kilograms . 

If you still think that you have a wide bone, it is almost impossible to find time to visit fitness clubs, and after any diet there will be a breakdown, and hard physical training is your salvation, then I have to upset you. And maybe it will make you happy, because breathing exercises will help you.