The conditioner gives the laundry a pleasant aroma, softens the material, removes the antistatic effect and simplifies the ironing process. But there are cases when this miracle cure can permanently ruin the fabric. We will talk about this in more detail in today's article. 

Doesn't soften, it hurts: 7 things you shouldn't wash with conditioner

1. Sportswear

Sportswear is made from special fabrics that help wick moisture away: the body sweats, but remains dry. Some fitness and professional sports kits have special antibacterial impregnations.

Rinsing with conditioner seals the fibers with an oily film and the fabric loses its unique properties. By the way, it is not possible to get rid of the remnants of the softener even after several washes.


2. Clothes for children

You can use fabric softener when washing children's clothes, but be very careful. Firstly, some emollient ingredients can cause allergies on the delicate skin of the baby. Secondly, is with I decided to use an air conditioner, but choose products marked “suitable for baby clothes”.

3. Microfiber

Microfiber is used in the manufacture of textiles for cleaning the house , as the material perfectly absorbs moisture and attracts dust. You need to wash them by hand with laundry or baby soap separately from other things.

Rinsing with conditioner is strictly contraindicated: as in the case of sportswear, oily components leave a film on the fibers, and microfiber becomes completely useless .


4. Products from natural silk

Silk clothing is expensive and delicate. Usually these items are washed with a liquid detergent for wool and silk in cool water at a low speed. Using fabric softener can ruin the appearance of silk, leaving unsightly streaks on the fabric.

5. Terry towels and bathrobes

You will be surprised, but terry towels and bathrobes cannot be washed with fabric softener. The fact is that the softener is the main cause of the musty smell of this category of things. Linen dries for a long time, moisture stagnates in the fibers and grows moldy.

The next time you wash your towels, ditch the conditioner and the result will please you! 

6. Shapewear and nylon tights

What do these things have in common? Corrective underwear and tights are made with the addition of elastane, it is he who is responsible for the tightening and tight-fitting properties of the fabric.

The conditioner clogs the fibers with an oily film, due to which the elastane loses its strength and good stretch. Pantyhose begin to "bubble" on the knees and quickly tear, and corrective underwear does not weigh anything.

7. Things made from natural wool

Natural wool has amazing properties: it wicks away moisture, but at the same time allows the body to breathe. A softener rinse envelops the fibers violates natural thermoregulation, promotes the formation of pellets.

If you want the cardigan to look like a needle and not prick, wash it with special liquid detergents for silk and woolen items.