Today on the net you can find many tips for preserving youth outside of beauty salons. Unfortunately, not all of them are beneficial: we talked to dermatologist-cosmetologist Elena Vasilyeva about which procedures should be abandoned.

5 home treatments that ruin your skin easily

Face building 

Today, only the lazy is not fond of gymnastics for the face. And cosmetologists and plastic surgeons sound the alarm because they understand what it is fraught with.

The fact is that on the body, the muscles are attached to the bones from two sides, while on the face - only from one, woven into the other muscle. It is extremely difficult to control the second part of the facial muscle in order to properly massage and load it. Therefore, now in European cosmetology clinics you can find care procedures only with a very light facial massage .

A professional will never overload the facial muscles - the effect may be the opposite. In addition, if myostimulation procedures are used on the body (when an electric current is applied to the muscle, thereby activating metabolic processes in the skin cells), such manipulations on the face were practically abandoned, because it only gets worse.

There are levator muscles in our face that lift the main muscles up, and there are depressors that lower them. With age-related changes (aging), depressor muscles are heavily loaded - it is they who are relaxed with botulinum therapy,  and thus they perform the function of tightening. The specialist knows exactly how these muscles work, what needs to be done to lower or raise them. It is very important to know and understand how thick a particular muscle is in order to load it correctly. 

If you want to perform exercise complexes at home, you should at least read an anatomy textbook. Otherwise, the aging and sagging processes of tissues can be accelerated. 

Improper cleansing

Many girls neglect cleansers, thinking that the tonic will fulfill this function. Rubbing your face with tonic, you only tone it up, but do not cleanse it in any way. For cleansing, you need to use special gels, foams, milk. By the way, you need to select such products based on the characteristics of the skin, and not just buying what bloggers are actively promoting now . 

Passion for patches

Patches are very popular among home care products. Experts recommend using them 1-2 times a week, but not every day, as most do. The patches are aimed at enhancing drainage functions, getting rid of edema, and improving the appearance of the skin. If you don't have these problems, there won't be much benefit from using them. 


Before cleansing your face, you need to understand which product is right for your particular skin. If it is sensitive or irritated, the scrub should not be used. Sometimes the overuse of such products turns into new skin problems - and you definitely don't need it.

Self-cleaning face

It is advisable that this procedure be done to you by a professional in appropriate conditions. Proper cleaning requires special preparation with products that are not sold in stores or pharmacies. 

You can choose atraumatic facial cleansing from a beautician: when a certain composition is applied to the skin, which loosens it. As a result, the elements to get rid of easily come out. And then the specialist "closes" the pores to shrink them. Nowadays, vacuum cleaning is popular, when the dirt from the pores is removed with a special device, and the skin, in addition to moisturizing, receives nourishment.