If you pluck a finger, what to do in such cases? Panaritium (this is what an abscess is called) in no case should be left unattended, it requires compulsory treatment. The use of both medicines and folk remedies is allowed. How to eliminate an abscess?

What to do if a finger breaks out

Narwhal finger: drug therapy

If symptoms of an abscess appear on the surface of the finger - reddening of the skin, cavities filled with pus, pulsating pain is felt, then you need to seek help from a surgeon. It is highly not recommended to open an abscess on your own, since an infection can be introduced into the wound.

If it is not possible to get medical help, then you can take the following steps:

  • treat the inflamed area with any available antiseptic: iodine, hydrogen peroxide or potassium permanganate solution;
  • apply a bandage with ichthyol ointment (the drug can be replaced with Vishnevsky ointment or levomekol).

If the inflammation increases, the surgeon may prescribe broad-spectrum antibiotics.

Pluses a finger on the hand: alternative methods of treatment

At the initial stage of development, felon can be treated with folk methods.

  1. Dissolve soda (spoon), salt (spoon) and iodine (10 drops) in a glass of warm water. The duration of the treatment bath is 25 minutes. The procedure helps to draw out the accumulated pus.
  2. You can tie the leaves of the mother-and-stepmother to the abscess. The bandage needs to be changed every 10 hours.
  3. It is necessary to combine a spoonful of flour and liquid honey. Knead a firm dough. Make a cake out of it and use it as a compress. Keep it for 8 hours.
  4. For a faster "ripening" of the abscess, you can use such a remedy. In the oven, bake the onion until fully cooked. Grate laundry soap on a fine grater. Combine 1 part soap and 2 parts onion. Apply the compress warm and keep for three hours. Then change.
  5. A compress of plantain herb and horse sorrel helps well.
  6. Pine resin gives an excellent healing effect. A bandage is moistened with it and applied to the inflamed area. The abscess begins to dissolve very quickly.
  7. Pour a chopped spoonful of St. John's wort with the same volume of hot water. Apply the resulting gruel to the site of inflammation in the form of a compress.
  8. When treating an abscess, you need to carefully monitor the condition of the finger. If folk methods have not helped, then you need to seek medical help. Otherwise, you can get serious complications, including blood poisoning.