It just seems like selling a beautiful dress or branded bag online is easy. For everything to work out quickly and without nerves, things need to be properly prepared. How exactly - we will tell in this material.

"Almost new, I wore it once": how to properly sell things on the Internet

How to sell regular clothes

It is not enough to choose a platform and display photographs of a thing to sell it. If you follow simple rules, you will not have to answer hundreds of incomprehensible calls, explaining the same thing over and over again. As well as waiting for months when beautiful clothes find their new mistress. Here are some quick tips to help you get things done:

  • Choose a site.It can be either a special resource for sale or a group on social networks. It is better to limit yourself to one thing (and one group as well) so that potential buyers do not interrupt each other.
  • Take beautiful photos.Of course, you can take photos somehow - but then do not be surprised that the thing sells for some time. A beautiful background, a clear image , several photos from all sides - this is the key to success.
  • Take honest photos. If something is torn or peeled off somewhere, and you do not plan to repair it (see paragraph below), take photographs of the damage. This will help avoid unpleasant moments when you finally meet with the buyer and it turns out that he was expecting something completely different.
  • Prepare the item for sale. If the dress or jacket you are planning to sell has minor defects, the garment can be repaired first. This will allow not to reduce the price very much. In any case, things should be washed and ironed before being sold , and shoes should be cleaned - these are the elementary rules of respect.
  • Give a detailed description.Even if you fixed everything, it will be more honest to say that the item was rented out in the studio. And carefully describe the parameters of the thing (length, width, all kinds of volumes and girths) so that the person at the other end of the monitor does not buy a pig in a poke. 
  • Set the right price.No matter how expensive a thing is for you, it is important to understand that this is no longer a new collection and not just clothes from the store, so you should not put the amount you paid for it. If you see that there are not very many people willing or not at all, it may be worth lowering the price.
  • Be patient.Even if you have considered everything, be prepared for the fact that you will have to answer many questions. Some of them may seem silly. Some people will want to answer: "Everything is written there." But stay calm and communicate politely, because in online sales, as in sales in general, the rule applies: the buyer is always right. Tip: If you are asked the same questions, it may be worth adding to the description to avoid them in the future. 

How to sell brands

Although initially you don't think about it, selling branded items is with everyone is not the same as selling at all... Here you need a special approach: things should be sold either in special groups focused on things of a certain value, or in general, entrust it to professionals who will do everything for you.

The principle "less is more" works here. There is no need to prepare, for example, bags. No way. It is strictly forbidden to paint corners, finish something and reconstruct - this way you can change the structure of the skin and the thing will be valued much lower than the market value. For example, we do not accept vintage bags from old collections and we refuse to accept furs that are already in vogue. Even if they bring us a sable, we still won't take it. Let it be better down jackets, they are in great demand now. This point should also be taken into account when choosing a service with which you are going to work. 

In summary, before selling a branded item, you need, firstly, to choose where you will sell it, secondly, to clarify whether the policy of the platform or group is consistent with your ideas about selling, and thirdly, to leave the item as intact as possible so that nothing do not spoil.