Ah, summer is the time for beautiful dresses, tanning, sea and swimwear. But not only. We talk about the problems that we often bring back from vacation along with vivid impressions (and what to do with them).

"Quail face" and not only: 4 beauty problems that we all bring from vacation

Summer is a wonderful season, after which we bring with us dry skin, age spots, hair that looks like tow, exacerbation of acne. This is because the hot sun, salt water and carelessness about UV protection lead to the emergence of problems that can ruin the entire September, if not October.

Dark spots

Very often in the fall, patients turn to cosmetologists and dermatologists with complaints about the appearance of pigmentation on the body and face. And all why? Because when the season of summer cottages and vacations begins, many leave where there is an aggressive effect of the sun's rays. The appearance of stains occurs for various reasons. But more often due to the fact that we have widespreadsecond or third light skin phototype on the Fitzpatrick scale, which was developed by an American dermatologist in 1975.

The second reason for turning into a quail egg is improper use of sunscreenor even abandoning them. A cream capable of protecting against ultraviolet radiation must have an SPF of at least 50 and is one of the professional products with a good chemical and physical factor. Many do not pay attention to this and buy products in the mass market, where the quality for the most part leaves much to be desired. And even if you apply such a cream every 4-5 hours, pigmentation will appear early.

To avoid stains, you need to choose professional cosmetics with sunscreen properties - and a beautician can help with this. Quite often, companies that produce peels or devices for cosmetology clinics also produce professional cosmetics. It can be creams, powders, and gels with high SPF.

In addition, stains may occur nagainst the background of infectious diseases and taking antibioticsor hormonal birth control. Many took antibiotics in the summer, during the coronavirus wave, and hormonal drugs are used by many women for medical reasons. Together with carelessness when protecting from the sun, there is a "fly agaric effect" (only the spots here are not white, but dark).

And many more patients anti-aging procedures are performed before vacation(injections, peels, photorejuvenation). One of the rules for skin care after this is that you absolutely must not be in the active sun, as this entails the appearance of pigmentation. If patients do not use a professional sunscreen, then the skin eventually becomes covered with a scattering of spots.

Dehydration of the skin

Skin dehydration is not just a summer problem. It is caused by the internal state of the body, although a long stay in the active sun without protection can aggravate the situation. Unfortunately, even adherence to the water-drinking regime will not relieve the skin of dryness, since the reason here, among other things, is in the level of glycosaminoglycans.

In order for the skin to be more hydrated, it is important that vitamins enter the body - that is, proper and balanced nutrition... You need to eat seasonal vegetables and fruits, control the amount of coffee, alcohol and cigarettes . It is also necessary to monitor the level of collagen and elastin: use home cosmetics for additional saturation of the skin with moisture and go to the beautician.

Injection procedures are best carried out in compliance with the rehabilitation period, during which you cannot sunbathe. Women often forget about this, wanting to shine with beauty like Miss Universe on vacation.

To combat dryness after vacation, eat non-injection procedures - say, electroporation... With the help of microcurrent therapy, it is possible to saturate the skin with moisture through the introduction of hyaluronic serums and peptide cosmetics into its deeper layers. There is also HydraFacial hydropeeling - a procedure for intense hydration and nourishment of the outer and inner layers of the skin.

Inflammation and acne

Quite often, patients with acne, post-acne or seborrhea report that when they are in the active sun, their skin condition improves significantly. This is due to the fact that the sun's rays have a drying effect, and the sebaceous glands work less actively. By itself, ultraviolet light really has a healing effect, so that it kills acne-causing bacteria, and the face or body becomes cleaner.

But as soon as the patient returns from the "seas and south", the opposite process begins - poor exfoliation of the skin (stratification of epidermal cells) leads to an increase in the infection that caused the acne... As a result, the reflection in the mirror again does not please, but only saddens .

That is why, even during the rest period, one should not forget about the treatment plan. It is necessary to carry out the same cleansing procedures as usual (even if it seems that acne "goes away by itself"), and after returning from vacation, see a specialist and do everything that was planned.

Dry and brittle hair

Hair does not like temperature changes very much, and especially their sharp rise. When the sun is active, it is importantwear hats or cover your hairshawls, scarves and anything else. Also, after swimming in the sea, it is necessary to rinse the salt water from the hair in the shower. If you do nothing of this, then you can get overdried hair (curls bleached after ombre, shatusha and other popular types of staining suffer the most).

To correct the situation, cosmetologists and trichologists use professional reactive serums, select special shampoos and oils for hair and scalp care after the summer period, and advise to limit the use of a hair dryer, curling iron, and irons.