Great sex is an acquired skill that requires communication between partners and practice. It also needs energy and stamina. What gives them? That's right, coffee, which can act as a kind of "aphrodisiac" that turns good sex into simply amazing.

Another Cup: 6 Ways Coffee Can Improve Your Intimate Life

Let's make a reservation right away that coffee is not a panacea for low sexual desire and is not capable of working miracles - in case of serious libido disorders, you should consult a specialist.

Our libido is a multicomponent thing that includes desire and subjective experience, as well as physical arousal and endurance. And it is the last two factors that coffee can affect if you drink it before sex.

Below are the scientifically proven benefits of this invigorating drink for your intimate life.

1. Increase female libido

One 2010 study from the University of Texas at Austin looked at how caffeine can affect women's arousal levels. In the study, women's physical arousal was measured before and after drinking caffeine (in the presence of an erotic stimulus).

The researchers found that because caffeine has stimulating properties that cause heart palpitations and high blood pressure, drinking something with caffeine can also stimulate genital arousal.

It is worth remembering, however, that sex drive is somewhat more difficult than just increasing blood flow to the genitals. Other factors are also important to him, such as our unique experience, hormones and even low stress levels.

2. Reduction of erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is an erectile dysfunction in which the volume of a man's penis, its firmness and straightness are not sufficient for sexual intercourse. Caffeine may reduce the prevalence of ED, especially when men drink two to three cups of coffee daily, according to research by the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.

In addition to enhancing blood flow and reducing erectile dysfunction, a cup of coffee can also increase levels of testosterone, a key sex hormone believed to regulate libido.

We repeat again that with regular problems with erection and suspicion of ED, your partner should not rely entirely on coffee and should consult a doctor for an examination and prescribing a full-fledged treatment.

3. Improving athletic performance

In one 2017 study by the University of São Paulo, scientists found that caffeine increased athletic performance in cyclists across the board, but especially when compared to the water-only group.

The stimulatory effect of this substance on the central nervous system can reduce feelings of fatigue, as well as improve mental acuity and focus - which means coffee aficionados can go to bed later and make love for a little longer. Well, after all, sex is a kind of endurance sport.

4. Reduce stress levels

Because stress is not enjoyable, it prevents us from fully enjoying sex. In addition, stress has the ability to affect libido and sexual health in general. Therefore, the fight against him can lead to positive changes in your intimate life.

One of the options for reducing stress levels is, oddly enough, coffee. There is strong evidence that caffeine consumption can mitigate the negative effects of chronic stress, at least with moderate consumption.

For example, one 2015 study found that there may even be a link between caffeine consumption and resistance to depression and memory loss.

5. Reducing the risk of depression

People with depression can have severe problems with sex drive and orgasm. One 2018 study published in the journal Indian Psychiatry found a significant link between depression, sexual dysfunction, and misconceptions about sex in humans.

But the good news is that research has shown that  those who drink coffee are generally happier than those who don't. However, there is one caveat - other sources of caffeine, such as sodas or overly sweet coffee, have been linked to a higher risk of depression than a cup of hard liquor without any additives.

6. Increasing the level of activity and attention

What could be better than an attentive and active lover? Well, coffee can be a great helper for those looking to stay awake after a long kissing session.

One 2014 study published in the journal Nutrition found that caffeine improved cognitive performance, verbal memory, and concentration. It can also give the brain a wake-up call and help with alertness, reaction time, and mental stamina.

Warning : when trying to get the most out of coffee for your love affairs, do not forget about measure with your boyfriend. According to the recommendations of doctors,the daily dose of caffeine should not exceed 300 mg (approximately four cups)otherwise, you run the risk of experiencing side effects such as anxiety, headache and tremors, which are not conducive to quality sex in any way.