Among the tons of information on the Internet, it is very easy to get confused and mistake myths for truth. Hair care expert Valentina Glushkova told us about what exactly is not worth believing.

7 hair care myths that need to be dispelled

Myth # 1: Hair Care Products Must Be Expensive

Many top bloggers often declare (and quite categorically) that expensive means exactly effective and the price determines the quality. Whereincomparative analysis and analysis of the composition is not carried out... 

And if this is so convincingly stated by a blogger with hair like a goddess, rich, successful, how not to believe it? Few people think that the beautiful life of this blogger (as well as the work of marketers, designers, managers) is paid by the consumer when buying this product with a fairly simple composition. 

 For example, a shampoo for 2,000 rubles, which you wash off in 1-3 minutes, will not have time to work - it is only needed to remove impurities from the hair and scalp. 

 Myth number 2. You need to wash your hair as little as possible.

"She washes her hair once every two weeks, so she has grown this length ..." Or "but our great-grandmothers in the villages washed their hair once a week and had braids as thick as fists." Have you heard that? 

In fact, the head should be washed as it gets dirty. Any professional dermatologist trichologist will tell you this. For a long timenot washing your dirty hair is even harmfulfor the health of the scalp, so it makes no sense to endure. The only question is choosing the right shampoo. 

If you think your head gets dirty too quickly, change your shampoo. Try a peeling, purifying mask, or scalp scrub. 

Myth number 3. You only need to use sulfate-free shampoo

This is misleading because we are all different, with different skin type and hair structure... There is no one shampoo for everyone - that's why there are so many of them on the market.

You need to use that shampoo that rinses well, does not dry, does not stiffen the ends, it is on your hair. Observe the curls after using the shampoo: does the head itch, how long it stays fresh, which tips feel , how the mask or conditioner works after a particular shampoo. And make your choice. 

Myth number 4. Any shampoo will work

The statement goes something like this: "I take any shampoo from the shelf, I don't bother - and I have gorgeous hair." Yes, the girl has really gorgeous hair. This is her personal recipe, her formula for success.

But this, again, does not mean that such advice will suit everyone. For short hair, this is more likely to work., but the longer your hair , the more carefully you need to choose a product. 

Myth number 5. All chemistry is evil

Surely you have come across lovers of everything natural more than once. They say: "I use only natural masks - herbs, broths, kefirs, egg oils." They demonstrate their success and recommend the method to everyone. Moreover, as a rule, they also sell these funds.

A positive result with this approach can be. There is only one problem - all marketing of such products is based oninstilling fear in the consumer of all chemical... Tales of cancer, dermatitis, eczema, hair loss and so on are used. And when a gullible consumer is scared enough, he is immediately offered weed, butter. 

But they forget to mention that natural hair care products are also unsafe. And for some people, they may even be more dangerous than certified cosmetic products in cans. Because oils, herbs and extracts are good to care for, but quite active in their effect on the skin. And you shouldn't abuse such care either.

Conclusion - both chemical and natural care will only benefit with a competent approach. Everything requires balance and a reasonable approach.

Myth number 6. You need to have a bunch of different cans

One gets the impression that you need to clutter up in order to have gorgeous hair. In fact, you just don't need to do this. Because in the endyou get confused about what works well and what is worth giving upbecause it doesn't work at all or doesn't work the way you would like it to.

Most funds have a shelf life of 6-12 months from the date of opening the bank. Therefore, keep in the bathroom only what you use regularly. And buy additional jars as you finish, if they fit you.

Myth number 7. Genetics decides everything

A very handy myth for lazy people. Gorgeous hair is undoubtedly the merit of genetics . Especially in the case when a person does not need to make special efforts to care for them to look great. But aren't the people around them working on themselves? 

Someone goes to the gym and monitors their diet to combat their tendency to be overweight. And by the way, it achieves amazing results. The same with hair: ifmake efforts and select comprehensive professional care, you can make your hair more beautiful. And they will shine and delight you, whatever the initial genetic data.