Each of us wants to feel important and valuable, so a compliment is one of the surest ways to cheer up a person. Moreover, you do not need to skimp on them, not only in the case of the closest ones, but also with unfamiliar people. You just need to learn how to make them so as to please the recipient and not accidentally offend.

11 tips on how to give compliments the right way to make a person feel good

A good compliment can lift a person's mood for the whole day, cheer up in difficult times and revive faith in his abilities. However, this powerful weapon can benefit not only the recipient, but also the donor.

Complimenting can help you make new friends, bond with the people in your life, and feel better - in short, it's winning on all fronts.

And yet, for all the benefits, it is not always easy to figure out how to compliment someone in a way that doesn't sound like a flatterer . Read below for 11 surefire ways to give a truly enjoyable and meaningful compliment.

1. Be specific

While even the banal “you did a great job” or “you are amazing” is always good to hear, compliments that make people feel better tend to be specific, rather than a generalized positive statement.

Basically, instead of just saying "you're great," explain to the person why they are so great. This makes the compliment personalized, which is more valuable and meaningful. After all, there is a reason why you feel the need to compliment someone, so why not voice it?

2. Say the name of the person you are complimenting

People love to hear their own name, so using it in your praise is another way to make your compliment more personal and special. Moreover, it is best to start with the name, and then move on to praising its bearer.

3. Praise the man's style

Complimenting someone's style may seem superficial, but associating the praise with something unique about a person's image can be very gratifying.

So if you want someone to feel even more amazing, share a brief reason why their sense of style impressed you.

4. Recognize the human effort

After you've put in a lot of effort - at work, at university, or in preparation for a holiday - you will most likely want your hard work to be appreciated. Have you guessed? So, those around you in the same way want their works to receive recognition from others.

Don't skimp on the praise you deserve and become an uplifting, uplifting person for someone else. For example, you can tell a colleague why you appreciate her help with your project and explain that it means a lot to you.

The key to success is to start paying attention to the millions of tiny "feats" other people do and talking about them out loud without taking them for granted.

5. Show how kind a person is.

If you really want to warm someone to the core, compliment their kindness, rather than just say that the person is "very nice." This kind of praise works well because you are referring directly to the personality of the other person, and not to what he did.

6. Give compliments when you need them most

Another key to giving a good compliment is timing. Do not hesitate to praise a person at the moment when you see that he really needs words of support, and he deserves them.

After all, a timely compliment can be so powerful that it can change how someone feels about themselves.

7. Don't use self-comparison in a compliment

The most effective compliments are short and do not draw attention to the person making them. In other words, don't praise someone while belittling yourself.

It is better to say: “Your skin looks amazing!” And not “Your skin looks so healthy, I would like mine to be the same”, because then you ask the person to praise you in return and take away some of the energy that is only what she gave him.

8. Pay attention to the talents of the interlocutor

Each of us needs to be reminded at times of how amazing we are, so don't be afraid to point out someone's talents or skills.

After all, we spend so much time doubting ourselves, our abilities, and our personality traits that reassuring ourselves that we have something special, interesting, or amazing can be incredibly rewarding.

9.Compliment a strange

Who said compliments are only for your coworkers, best friends, and family? If a stranger or unfamiliar person inspires admiration or gratitude in you, feel free to compliment him.

For example, if the barista made you an amazing coffee, tell him about it! Many people take the delicious drinks they are given for granted, so this little compliment can make a person smile and cheer them up.

10. Don't wait for a special occasion to compliment

We are used to complimenting people “on the occasion,” such as on a birthday or when they are promoted, but the truth is, you can compliment someone at any time simply because they deserve it or need encouragement.

Compliment your boyfriend by telling him that he is cute. Compliment your friend by saying that she is amazing. Admire your mom who can do a thousand things at once. A compliment doesn't always have to be grandiose or particularly original to be meaningful.

11. Avoid ambiguous compliments

Unfortunately, compliments are easy to misinterpret. For example, if you tell a coworker that she looks great today, she might think that this means that on other days she is, to put it mildly, so-so.

In addition, some compliments can be confused with flirting , which will cause an embarrassing situation if you are not going to flirt with someone.

It's usually best to avoid making comments about someone's appearance or health, even if you have the best intentions. It's also important to watch your tone so that the compliment doesn't accidentally sound like criticism, sarcasm, or insult.