You spend a third of your life in bed, so choosing your bedding is a strategically important task. Not only for health, by the way, but also for beauty. We'll explain right now what the matter is.

Sleeping beauty: can a pillow improve complexion and get rid of wrinkles

Although we often refer to a separate event as a beauty dream, any dream, if you sleep enough, will make you more beautiful... This is because at night in the body, the regeneration processes are turned on at full capacity: the cells (and with them the tissues) are renewed, and the existing damage, as far as possible, is eliminated.

Scientifically proven to have a good sleep should last at least 7 hours.But in order to fall into deep sleep, it is important to organize a comfortable and balanced space around you. Not only interior items will matter, but also very basic things. For example, bedding, the material and even the color of which can affect the quality of sleep. 

Power of color

Psychologists and interior specialists agree that different colors have different effects on a person's mood and on his perception of space:

  • Blue or light blue associated with loyalty, trust and serenity;
  • Purple color refers to luxury and sexuality;
  • Shades pink personify femininity, sensuality and innocence;
  • AND green, the most natural color is hope, freshness and harmony. 
Tip: choose calm pastel colors that do not draw much attention to yourself. A nice bonus is that such linen will easily fit into any room design. 

Secret materials

The choice of materials should be approached almost more picky than the colors of your blankets and pillows. And for three reasons at once:

  • firstly, low-quality underwear can cause discomfort, so you will sleep worse;
  • secondly, good materials are a guarantee that your the skin will not collect oils and dirt during sleep, no creases will form on the face, and the hair will not turn into a portable power station ;
  • thirdly, bad linen will deteriorate faster, making you frown (and this is a sure way to wrinkle).

The right atmosphere

To create an atmosphere of calm and tranquility that will also benefit your beauty, experts advise adhere to evening rituals... Think of a sequence of actions that you will perform before bedtime: this way the body will be able to quickly tune in to rest. For example, light candles, play soothing music, or evenspray aroma oil on the bed linen.For the bedroom, scents of lavender , jasmine or lime will be especially good  .