Check to see if you're building a relationship on illusions and fantasies about the perfect prince.

In the world of illusions: 10 signs that you are in love not with a person, but with his image

Sometimes it is difficult for us to understand ourselves, but as a rule, these problems do not arise with the feeling of falling in love. When a spark runs between us and someone, we always unmistakably understand “this is him!”. But is it really so?

The fact is that very often we take for love not falling in love with a particular person, but we impose our desire for love and relationships on someone who is caught on the path of life. It is clear that such a relationship does not have a happy future and is doomed to break up.

So how do you know if you are in love with a real person, or with the very idea of ​​love?

1. You've been waiting for love for a long time

Your period between relationships dragged on, and at some point you even felt scared that you would remain alone - but the horizon remained empty. You are tired of being alone, and your current chosen one is the first who you just liked and who liked you.

2. Are you afraid of being alone

All your friends and girlfriends have long met their halves, birthdays and parties are now held in a format where everyone is in pairs. Your mom and older relatives are concerned that you are still alone and share their experiences with you.As a result, you yourself begin to feel uncomfortable from the disorder in your personal life., and the person next to you is a wonderful couple for you, and you have nothing to be ashamed of anymore.

3.It's almost like ...

You immediately noticed that he looks terribly like your first love, or your favorite actor, and that bribed you terribly.

4. He is a real prince from a fairy tale

You never imagined that a man like him would pay attention to someone like you. He is very successful, handsome, well-to-do, gives gorgeous gifts, and all your girlfriends are already envious of you. Cinderella's story is beautiful, butpay attention to what is more important to you - the social component of your relationship or what happens only between you when you are alone.

5. The whole world is aware of your relationship

You feel the need to discuss your relationship on social networks, write about them in the comments, share the details of your personal life with friends and colleagues, and at the first opportunity you cannot but post joint photos and selfies with the words “ideal love”, “my best” , "We are with darling" - such a demonstration of your personal life may mean that it is very important for you to show everyone how happy you are. But it is no coincidence that they say that true happiness loves silence.

6. ...And they lived happily ever after

After a couple of dates, you imagined in detail your first kiss, how he confesses his love to you, your wedding, the seating arrangements for the guests, the dress, where will you go on your honeymoon and who will be born to you, a boy or a girl. Although you hardly know each other and you don't even know what kind of person is in front of you, you are attracted by the very idea of ​​a relationship and a “happy ending”.

7. You often do not understand each other.

You have different value systems, different "good and bad" and different views on life. And also different goals in this life. You regularly run into mutual misunderstandings, but you write off such moments as "opposites attract." This is only partly true, because you cannot build a happy future with someone who sees the world completely differently from you.

8. He's wonderful, but he has terrible friends.

You don't like his environment, his company, his family , their traditions and pastime - do not underestimate this moment in a relationship, because, as a rule, a person is close friends with those with whom he has a lot in common. In other words, he is partly the same, and not accidentally found himself in the "bad company."

9. You miss him more than you enjoy meeting

When he is not around, his image seems more attractive, and he himself is much more ideal than when you actually meet. When you meet, your conversations turn out to be insufficiently saturated, there are often awkward pauses, dates are a little monotonous, and the intimate side of life could also be a little more interesting. However, when you don't see each other for a couple of days, you start to get bored and it seems to you that everything is fine.

10. You need to get it right

The formal side of the relationship is very important for you - that on the second date a man should give flowers, after a few months confess his love, and after a year he should make an offer with a ring. It is important for you that your friends and parents like him, so that everyone knows that you are a great couple. Suchwanting to be formal also means that you like the idea of ​​a relationship more than the relationship with that person.