We ourselves are always in favor of the option "if you really want to, then you can." When it comes to writing to your ex, or beauty treatments, for which it is better to wait for a good mood.

"Now I will scrape everything off": beauty procedures that should not be done in a bad mood

Manicure (especially edging)

Even if you have been doing yourself a manicure for a long time and you get it better than a top master, first calm down. Manicure is generally a very meditative procedure that requires even breathing, concentration and, preferably, good music as a soundtrack. Edged is additionally dangerous in thatyou can cut off anything unnecessary, and it will not only be ugly, but also unpleasant. 

Clay masks

It would seem how difficult it is to apply a mask on your face and withstand it for the allotted time, right? Meanwhile, clay-based masks are a much more complex story than it might seem.

  • First, whatever skin you have, it is better to apply it on the T-zone, bypassing the delicate areas of the cheeks and the area around the eyes.
  • Secondly, it is important make sure the mask does not dry out, as in this case, you are more likely to harm the skin, rather than help.
For all this, a good mood, you must admit, does not hurt.

Gouache massage

Massage of any order is relaxation.In this case, relaxing (and toning at the same time) requires the muscles of the face so that they do not sag where it is not really needed, and do not spasm where it would be better for them to just stay relaxed. In this case, it is necessary to move along certain lines, at a certain pace and, which is very important, almost without pressing on the scraper . Are you sure you can do it when everyone is pissed off?

Eyebrow correction

There are two points here: the sensation and the end result. Scientists have proven thata stressed person perceives pain differentlythan a person in a state of peace. So if you already have a low pain threshold, the sensation of pulling hairs can become about twice as strong.

As for the result, we are talking about the fact that when you are nervous, it is easy to pinch the excess. And to grow eyebrows, just in case, we remind you how difficult it is. 


Everything is simple here: you risk exfoliating not only unnecessary dead cells, but also the top layer of skin that you still need... Moreover, the more aggressive the scrubbing agent, the higher this risk. So if your skin is clearly in need of renewal, opt for mild exfoliation - in the form of a shower gel or acid lotion. By the way, it is also more correct to postpone a dry brush until better times.