Chronic rhinitis in most cases is associated with psychosomatics. They are caused by negative emotions and the inability (or unwillingness) to change something.

Chronic rhinitis: emotions causing it in adults and children

We used to think that colds, hypothermia, allergies cause a runny nose. But sometimes it drags on for months, even if the disease that caused it has long passed, or becomes even chronic for no particular reason. Most likely, the whole point is in psychosomatics , and the causes of a runny nose should be looked for in your emotions and feelings.

What it smells like: causes of a cold in adults

With our nose we smell all the surrounding odors - not only pleasant, but also unpleasant too. ANDif something is wrong with the nose, according to psychosomatics, it means that the environment is really not pleasant to you, it does not suit you. These can be specific people, places or life in general, but at the same time you do not change anything, you meet with these people or come to these places. The body tries to protect you and does so through the nose, causing physical blockage. It is as if all the negativity is accumulating in it, you no longer literally smell anything, and emotions come out along with a runny nose. And they will continue to do this until you change something - either in your perception of the environment , or in what you don’t like (stop communicating with unpleasant people, change your place of work, residence, etc.).

Another reason arising from the first is conflicts with those who do not like. It is not necessary to endure in silence, you can enter into various confrontations. Aggression, and sometimes the feeling of shame that arises after such quarrels, also "settles" in the nose, because you still continue to dislike people, and the conflict does not solve the problem.A runny nose is a symbol of resentment (including against oneself), anger.

They are prone to runny nose and those who like to do everything at once, grab onto the solution of several problems at the same time. In such a situation, a person cannot properly feel and realize what is happening, his own desires. Often in this case it is also scary not to have time to do something, or to do something wrong. Again, a blockage of the nose acts as protection against this.

This dangerous world: causes of the common cold in children

First of all, a child's runny nose depends on the condition of the mother. Children are very strongly connected to their mother emotionally. If the world around her seems unpleasant, annoying to her, the child may have a runny nose, as he learns to react to the environment by looking at his mother. He comes to kindergarten or school and, like a mother, sees danger in him, negative - hence the instant appearance of a cold, which means that you can sit at home, relax, everything goes away at home, the child comes to kindergarten again, and everything starts all over again. This situation is familiar to many.

If the mother herself perceives the educational or preschool institution, which the child goes to, with apprehension or negatively, he is "infected" by her perception.

Another reason for the common cold is family conflicts . In this case, the sacrifice of health is the only way to stop them, because the parents stop quarreling and switch to caring for the child, everything is fine again in the family.

If the nose is stuffy, but there is no runny nose

In this case, it is also worth thinking about what is no longer satisfied around you, unpleasant, unbearable. The stronger the emotion (but at the same time it is hidden, and you do not change anything), the more a stuffy nose can be .If the diagnosis does not show any deviations in health, you should think about what is wrong in your life.and start solving it.